Kuwait Airways / avoid avoid avoid at all cost

London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

Avoid avoid avoid at all cost, We had a really unfortunate pleasure of flying withKuwait airways from london to sir lanka via Kuwait, horrible horrible and terrible thats all i would have to say, we flew with an 18 months old baby and my God it was hell, extremely rude staff, if you complain they don't give a dam about it, only 2 toilets for over 100 passengers and 2 for 10 business class passengers and for some reason you as economy class passengers cant even use their toilets like they are gods and those toilets are made of gold, My wife was 7 months pregnant and air hostess pushed her back and stopped her for using the business class passengers toilet which i think is extremely rude, It seems like all they care about is their special business class passengers when they totally forgot their business is run by middle class people who fly economy class.We choose our seats and booked our flights 6 months in advance and some clever git decided to change our seats because some Arab family decided to sit there in the seat with bassinet, racist as hell, people who have children's would know what i mean in sitting in the middle row tight as hell, with 12kg of baby sleeping on your lap, and when we complaint to the chief air host instead of giving us another seat he lied to us that there is nothing else available which clearly wasn't the case and he gave feedback comment card and told us to write a complain and he will send it to someone with his report, which i am pretty sure will end up in garbage . Trust me you are better off by flying any other airline but this specially if you have children and would like to avoid racist situations.

Apr 30, 2014

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