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February 2, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I, Rahman Sadequr am filing a complaint because of the occurrences that happened from my flight from Dhaka to JFK with my wife, Afsana Islam and my daughter, Moumita S. Dighol. The Dhaka airport promised that they will give kids meal and wheelchair. The Kuwait ticket agent said he will provide for the services. When we boarded, they didn’t give anything. Ajaj Ekram was the chief parser and said the food ran out and said that his crew did not do the right thing and he’s not supposed to do that. Another crew member named Samir and he witnessed that incident and said that was wrong and said they will write a note. (January 28, Boarding Number: KU 284, Seat Numbers: 10E, 10F, 10G)
At the Kuwait Airport, they put us in the hotel for three members. I asked many times for three beds but instead gave two beds. I had to make a bed on the floor and I was in pain. It was a tiny bed and cannot sleep with three people. Room number was 413. Also, the hotel management behavior was wild. I asked for another room or bed but they said they had no more but they said next time that they will give it to me as a joke.
From Kuwait to JFK via Hitro Airport at London, the same incident happened and they didn’t provide for what I asked for. I repeatedly asked the crew member named Rifat and without any answer or explanation he just kept on going and coming back and later on he said sorry and that there’s no kids meal on that day. Then, I called the supervisor and his name was Nohat and he was making a lot of jokes and teasing me. Moreover ignoring the fact I was a passenger. But he did not even explain what the problem was or why he was called. He yelled at me and gave me a bad attitude and from his expressions seemed like he cursed me in arabic and threatened me that he was a kuwaiti to make me nervous and scared. (Boarding number: KU 101, Seat numbers: 30E, 30F, 30G)
Finally, on the arrival to JFK (Boarding number: KU 101, Seat number: 10E, 10F, 10G), I discussed with the supervisor and he listened to me. He felt very sorry for me, He acknowledged every problem then checked the paper and there was a child meal indication. All in all, the time was just miserable. for all of the flights they had no service. They said the system was down and that nobody could use. Then why are people flying on it? If they claim to say that the system is down then how will we spend time? It’s a long journey. So essentially, I did not get my wheelchair, my extra room/bed, the kids meal, and other facilities. It was terrible. I am paying for all this. It’s not like I am making this up. To have good ratings, your services should be the best but to be honest, it just wasn’t. If this matter isn’t resolved, then I have no choice to take this to the court. I hope through this investigation you may find the truth and know what is best and get back to me as soon as possible. You can contact me through email and phone, [protected] and [protected] or [protected]. Ticket Info as follows:

Passenger Name: Afsana Islam
Electronic Ticket Reference: KC4RHS
Booking Reference: IKFPRS
Identification: PP NOAA2351786
Electronic Ticket Number: 229 [protected]

Passenger Name: Rahman Sadequr
Electronic Ticket Reference: EGMGQF
Booking Reference: NH56G6
Identification: PP NOAA3205493
Electronic Ticket Number: 229 [protected]

Passenger Name: Moumita Dighol
Electronic Ticket Reference: CW5JWJ
Booking Reference: LRFD8W
Identification: PP NOE1050144
Electronic Ticket Number: 229 [protected]

Rahman Sadequr

stolen goods from bag which missed at time of arrival

I Kamlesh N Brahmbhatt traveled from Mumbai to USA (JFK) by Kuwait Airlines. Ticket number : KU/ETKT 229 [protected].
I arrive back to mumbai on 13/11/2012 by flight number KU/301.
I do not find one bag from my luggage from the belt and claim for it at airline counter. Also having receipt for so.
I received the bag by courier service at my home on 17/11/2012 at 1:00 A.M. I opened bag in front of delivery man and found that few items newly purchased are not there in bag which have been mention in complain too. (LIKE, 2 cordless phones, 1 LG cell phone of my use And 5 New brand T-shirts) which cost me 15000 (Fifteen Thousand INR only) .
My contact no : +91 [protected] / Mail ID : [protected]
U r pleased to solve the problem such created as my worst experience of travel by your Agency.
Hope to co ordinate as best as you can. and as early as possible.
Kamlesh N Brahmbhatt

  • Ma
    manan001 Jan 25, 2013

    i would suggest that if there is no response form the kuwait airways you can file a complaint against this agency on RTI .. (Right to Information act).

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poor service

My wife and Kid travelled in flight Kw102 on 26th October from London to Kuwait. The services of Air Hostess is very poor. No kindness, No hospitality. My wife asked for water for kid to Air hostess, but they didn't respond and after asking several times and fight back they provide the water after one hour. Similar they didn't provide the food for kid also, after chasing them several times for food, after one hour they said food is not available. A case need to be filed against them.

  • To
    tomskr8 Nov 26, 2012

    Yes they are mean people. Especially if You are from India and black they consider as second class citizen. We paid money and expect a minimum service that they do not give. I had a similar experience, I asked the male flight attendant that my seat TV screen is not working. While I was asking him about this issue the pilot announcing in his poor English. The flight attendant asked listen announcement rather complaining about it then he went and sit in his seat and rested. I am so embarrassed. I realized from this is hell better be quite. I determined I would avoid this airline even if I have to pay more on other planes. Also I realized that as an Indian they could drag you into problems even if you do not create a problem. So I keep quite until my journey is finished and determined I would not fly this airline again.

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  • Zz
    zzhmz Aug 16, 2016

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My Self Abdul Azeez. I had purchase 1 Return Ticket Doha to Cochin and Cochin to Doha on 9th May 2016. My Journey date it was 13th July and Return date is 4th August. I had one problem while traveling with Cochin to Doha. My Flight was connecting. And I m waiting for Doha flight. No one inform to me. Queue is very long. No one inform to me for Doha flight. Then I missed my connecting flight. It was Kuwait airways mistake. Because no one inform to me in airport. After that they gave to me another boarding pass for travel. And they ask for money. Why should I pay money its Kuwait airlines mistake already. I lost my valuable Time. They not gave any refund and they ask for extra money and they call me regarding payment. I never pay any amount. If it is my problem I will pay but its Kuwait airlines problem.

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loss due to strike

I was supposed to travel by Kuwait airways today 17th March. We came to know about the strike so called on 171 to enquire about the strike but they asked me to come at ckeck in. so with my luggage I reached airport before 4hrs. The dealing with the passangers was like an insult. I have a great loss due to flight cancellation. Who is going to compensate this? We never ever will travel with Kuwait Airways. Do not behave like this to the passangers please.

delayed / lost baggage

My 2 bags from Delhi to JFK via Mumbai and Kuwait did not arrive on my Kuwait Airways flight on Jan 2, 2011. I was given a customer service number which constantly goes to voice mail or is placed on hold. I have still not been able to trace my bags yet. Can anyone share their complete story as to what happened with their delayed / lost bags on Kuwait Airways and how much compensation, if any was given?

  • Th
    Thushari Priyangika Sep 04, 2012

    hi, still im waiting my baggage.i came from Lebanon by Kuwait airways but there was a transit at Kuwait airport on 28th August 2012.i brought my hand baggage from Beirut but Kuwait Baggage service officers asked me to dont take hand baggage to my bag, therefor i had to give that bag to them.they put it to the flight.29th August 2012 at 6.15am i came to SriLanka airport.But didn't received my bag yet.please be kind enough to find my bag and give it to me because i had more important document in that bag.

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  • Mu
    mukesh wahi Dec 25, 2016

    kuwait airways are very cheap in flight no good food no liquor, no charging point, rude staff no wifi, no entertainment in flight they dn, t know meaning of airline
    after loss my bag JFK airport they dn, t give me bag loss report all are very poor 4th class i suggest all dn, t travel this kind risky airlines

    i am mukesh wahi

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  • Ma
    mahajankishor82 Mar 26, 2017

    Can you please share where can i contact to get the Reschedule Flight details - I was traveled 20th March from Jeddah to Mumbai via Kuwait connecting flight from kuwait 10.45PM but some reason they cancelled flight and reschedule 21st march 7.15am.Now my office need clarification why i m not attend 21st office..I tried to mail kuwait customer relationship but they not replayed..

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  • Ay
    ayoub mohd hussain ahmed Apr 01, 2019

    @mahajankishor82 Their are customer relationship counters at airport and they may help you.

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passenger not allowed to board

Dear Sir, Myself Nafisa Bai was flying from Mumbai to Kuwait on 24 Aug 2010. I was issued valid boarding Pass after verification of my luggage. Usually Kuwait Airways allows 40KG as free allowence of luggage but today they insist on 30KG which we had accepted. But even after getting boarding pass, I was not allowed to board on flight saying that I can not take luggage with my hand. My boarding pass number is ETKT2291627002065-2 Seat no- 27C.

Nafisa Bai

Pune, India

Email ID - [protected]

  • Ch
    CHARIN SIABOC Jan 03, 2014

    hi im charin SIABOC
    actually my flight is november 3, 2013 but im hold in immigration due too my boss not new my civil id so all my baggages is there in plane already in kuwait airways flight to to riyadh ticket no.etkt 065473693707401 set no.51B . AND MY NEXT FLIGHT IS GULF AIR SO HOW I CLAIM MY BAGGAGES IN KUWAIT AIRWAYS?

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kuwait airways

I hate kuwait airways big time. Believe it or not there was a big fight between passengers and duty officers of ka yesterday (Can u imagine).in spite of over booked flight kwi-del and cancellation of ka tickets the staffs are getting on our nerves to surprise us more for the long waiting hrs already spent. Compensation paid was very less for 24hrs waiting and other passengers got shifted to b-class due to recommendation (Wasta) and there was some harsh talks and physical arguments. I saw indians recording the whole show on their mob-cams to take the issue up.. Final verdict kac sucksssssssss big time…. Sorry about the language. This is the least you can expect after getting abuses from kuwait airways staffs. We look forward to take this issue up to the faa and dgca.

deley and no responsibility

Attn, date:- 08-27-10
I like to thank to you and supervisor larry mc millan who is working for kuwait
Airline. There was big problem for all passengers. As you know aug13. I know at list 20
Family there in my city, which is chittagong bangladesh. We are in line 6:30 to 9:30 to see the counter person to get boding pass. When we reach to the counter I had show them online ticket.
There was not mention my son infant your computer. But I had ticket number. The counter tell us wait
For supervisor, which is take me another 2:30 to see the supervisor. Baby was crying. But one person take responsibility his name larry, who make happy almost every some customers. Larry did the excellence job in my knowledge. Another problem came aug 22. Which flight time is on. But
Inside the flight all passenger waiting to take off. But it was delay another five hours. We saw the tv
Show us flight on time which is 9:oo pm. Then it was delay here, and my waive and infant son they are
Missing chittagong flight. Finally they provide to dhaka. When they reach dhaka there was no bus.
Which is take another 5 hour to get bus. Then the bus lives dhaka to chittagong. Half the way gone
The bus get fired. Then another replacement bus came take another 3 hour. Finely they reach home.
Thank god. Know I loss lot money for your circumstances. Would you give me some advice. Shall I fly
Kuwait air any more. If can recovery something good I will be take another chance to fly kuwait air. Otherwise I will send to all happening in news paper, internet, and all media.
Your sincer
Mohammad alam
Phone [protected]
Ticket no :-[protected], tangina yesmin
Another ticket:-[protected], alam zawrat, infant
E-mil add:- [protected]

  • Sh
    Shahjahan Agariya Jun 13, 2011

    To: Mr Talal Al Adwani
    Manager Kuwait Airways Airport Office

    Sir my daughter her name is Rumana Agariya she is just 12 years old was travelling from Kuwait to Mumbai my sister was also travelling along with her they were suppose to go on 11june 2011 but still today they are on kuwait airport can a flight delay for 2 days my sister was suppose to be in india yesterday as she had a deal of property registration appointment yesterday but becoz of flight delay she was not able to go for this property dealing and the deal was canceled i came on kuwait airport yesterday to meet u sir but nobody allowed me to come to u i need a compensation for the loss which i suffered becaz of delay of kuwait airways flight can u help me out to get the compensation, hope to get the quick reponse from ur side my daughter since she was 4 years every 6 months she is travelling in kuwait airways now she is twelve but this time she has suffered a lot becoz of delay its the point of image for kuwait airways sir help me out in getting compensation for the loss which i suffered becaz of flight delay

    thanks and waiting for ur fevourable reply
    Shahjahan Agariya

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mis behevier

I was waiting for my boarding card in front of the checking counter to be checked for at least 2 and a half hours but, when I finally came to the front of the line, they told me to step aside because, apparently, I was not too late, though I waited for so long. I came to the front of the line about 2 hours before my plane was supposed to set off. I wanted to talk to the in charge about my issue but he kept ignoring my request. Every time I went in front of him, he just turned the other way and ignored my existence instead of listening to anything that I wanted to say. When my brother tried to help me out, the in charge started telling us to get out of the building. My uncle works at an airport and we both know that people should arrive at least an hour and a half before the planes sets off. The behaviors of the people was like a racist discrimination. Right in front of us, some arabian people came and easily got their brodingcards checked after us and they were able to easily just slide by and get on the plane. My whole generation and I live all over the world and we've never encountered this racist issue. We are never going to use this arabian airline ever again because we don't want to experience this issue again. The person in charge of flight #Ku118 on February 12th, 2010, departure time 9pm was a really crude person full of hatred and ignorance towards others' needs. He doesn't listen, he doesn't answer and he was doing all illegal work for an airline.

missed baggage

Kuwait Airways lost my luggage on flight from USA to India. Inspite of filing proper forms at the destination, they refused to compensate me. After 3 months of communication with their representative in New York, they found the bag and returned the bag to my home (starting location), bag and items all damaged.

Unless you are ready to hire an attorney, better spend little more money and travel by other airlines.

  • Ch
    Chandra Bahadur Jul 02, 2013

    I had lost my luggage while I travelled from DXB KWI on 15 Jul 2010 and I never got it. Kindly someone help me from Kuwait airways they never response as good manner and no serious consideration. I am very upset about it due to I lost all my education certificate and National citizen ship along with my all-important belongings.
    Please contact me if Kuwait airways had found in below email.

    [email protected]

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Kuwait airways is taking more time to process refund. It a long alomst two months and still no news on refund...

lost luggage

To whom it may concern, I have been advised to put in writing events surrounding the loss of my luggage on...

missing cargo

I sent 4 baggages through Kuwait airways 30th of august from Trivandrum (India) to Amsterdam. Still i didnt receive them and there is no response from the airlines. I have been very much disturbed.

  • Na
    nabil mehdi Jul 07, 2009

    To whom it may concern, NABIL MEHDI
    TEL 00216 97646117
    EMAIL. [email protected]
    Our flight on ku air ways dated on 27th june from kuwait Airport to Tunisia via Cairo lated 4days instead of 11hours.
    In fact the flight n541 on june 27th had a delya of 6 hours.We lost the connection of our second flight on tunis air n814.We spent 2days in a hotel near the airport .When we flew to cairo on 29th june we were not allowed to board the tunis air plane because their system cant read our electronic tickets.So we spent an other night in the transit hall assuming the delay and the mistakes of the others
    Hope kuwait Airways can compensate us for the delay and the troubles that causes us.

    yous snicerely Nabil Mehdi

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missing baggage

I have sent four baggages from Trivandrum(India) to Amsterdam 30th of August. Still i didnt receive them and there is no response from the local handling agent. The airway bill number is 229 [protected].

  • Pa
    Paul Jones Nov 10, 2008

    Dear sir,

    I am writing to complain about your flight no. 412 and the fact that the flight was delayed and I lost 2 days wages because of this.

    The lack of communication between me and your repreasentitives caused my baggage to go to Heathrow without me.

    I would like for you to give the letter to say about the fact that we were delayed.

    Can you please get back to me to tell me what ytou inttend to do about this situation.

    Thanks for your time.

    Yours truely.

    Paul Jones.

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lost baggage

I travelled from US to India on Kuwait Airlines and my baggage was lost and it's been 13 days till now...