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7.27am at klang KTM, your worker is [censor] rude!

An old Indian lady tanya baik2 a worker beside a train, "train ini gerak ke tak" because almost everyday, the train will come, passenger goes in and then ktm worker will ask us to get out again. The train won't move and ask us to wait for next train.

The male worker shout at her “kau masuk jelah”!

After that, an old Chinese lady came and ask direction, whether this is the correct train to kl. That stupid worker berat mulut sangat, taknak beritahu. Lepas tu, ketuk Kat signboard/map dalam train tu suruh customer use her own eyes.

Astagafirullah... How would you feel if it's your own parent?!!!

Seriously, kalau wuat kerja malas sangat baik jangan buat. Buat ape puasa kalau perangai tu mcm sampah .

Jun 15, 2017

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