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KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayu / safety

1 Malaysia Review updated:

I need to report about my problem in ktm train. I took ktm from Sungai Buloh to Kepong station at 3.04 p.m. and I seat at wanita coach. But then a Indian man seat opposite me, he took his phone shooting me. I turn around my head. Just because I am scary, so when KTM reach Kepong Sentral, I change my seat place to front, it is also wanita coach, there was another Indian man sitting at another coach. He took his phone out and shooting me too. After KTM reach Kepong, I get out from KTM and ran quickly.

I hope this type of problem will not happened again on me and other women who are taking KTM alone.


Dec 11, 2018
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  • Su
      12th of Dec, 2018
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    Around 18.00
    I dh lme xnaik train n xth ape2 psl perkembangan KTM nie.. hari nie adk i dr kmpg dtg n sje2 i nk dia rse naik KTM.. i dr TBS nk ke kepong sentral so i pown p lh kaunter ticket nk beli ticket.. xberatur pown sbb xde org pown ms 2 tp jmpe lh staff lelaki badan besar pkai bju pink.. i pown ckp dgn dia kepong sentral 2org abg.. dgn nada mcm xpuas hati dgn i ckp RM20.. i pown rse pelik dl bru brpe je knpe skrg mahal sgt smpai RM20.. i pown kasi lh Rm100 n dia pown bgi balance n kad.. kad rse pelik knpe kasi kad dkt i.. pown tnye dia i nk p sehala je n kad nie bole pkai smpai bila?? Dia jwb dgn nada xpuas hati lg 10THN.. i pown ambk n ckp dkt dia THANK YOU for YOUR SERVICE.. pd i lh kn kalau u nmpk someone like blur what u do.. better u explain lh sikit skrg nie KTM dh canggih xde jual ticket lg.. kalau u explain dkt i gaji u xkena potong pown.. dgn bangsa u pown u very rude.. i xth lh kalau bangsa lain mcm mne..
    Attn KTM: tlg lh ajar u all pnye staff spye hormat sikit org lain.. u all bgi service so bgi lh service sbaik mgkin n kje 2 biar lh ikhlas sikit..
    kalau my mum dr kmpg dtg n first time nk naik ktm xth lh layanan staff u mcm mne..

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