I live in Cassopolis, MI, but it's 5 miles from the Elkhart, IN line so we do most of our shopping in Indiana. I'm disabled from failed spinal surgeries, that left me with 36 screws, 2 rods, 1 plate, and 2 pedicle bolts into my hips. Yeah, not a lot of fun, but often lots of pain. My doctor prescribes buprenorphine sublingual tablets every 90 days for 7 years now. This year my medicare part D stopped providing it. I have to use and shop for the best price or not afford to pay for it.
So, Kroger's has a 90 day supply for $231.67. I started with the nearest store pharmacy on Johnson St. I left a detailed voice mail message that I need 135 - 8 mg pills. I got a call from a lady who said they had none in stock, but will order and get in 3 days. I only have 2 days left. She looked up the other stores and said the Mishawaka, Merrifield Rd has what I need. I went there and was told there's 70 they have and will order the rest for 5 days from now. This is not a short drive.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mishawaka, INI agreed to get the 70, and pay the price of all; then I can get back 6 days or 7, but in my mind I was thinking of my son picking the 65 pills after work, because he works in the city.
Instead, your technician decided to give me a 5 day supply. "You can come get the rest on Saturday. " I was not happy with that but she said that is the way she does it. Even though the pharmacist Jeff and the intake tech had 70 pills out.
Looks like I chose the wrong place to go to today. I should have went to the closer store and made sure I'd have all the pills in 1 - 2 days, and a whole lot less miles away. Oh, but if she was misinformed of the other store, is she confused with the order times also?
I just don't like the run around and waste of time and money to buy these things. What would help you to do business better for such as this? What can Kroger's do to make this a simple process? I did the one trip based on the word of one of your own. What would help her to not make the same mistake? I know now that I should have just gone to the closest and no problem with the 12 miles each way, but I went a heck of a lot farther away, and now I have to do it again at least ONE MORE TIME.

May 15, 2017

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