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I drop off my prescriptions on regular basis and only at the point of refill time because my insurance will not refill any medications early. The Kroger Pharmacy then takes not just extra time in the day, but extra days to fill a medication that I have had filled there on a monthly basis for months. I am to take my medications on a daily basis and because of their inability to provide me my medication on a timely basis, instead they keep my system in chaos due to their negligence. I would love to find another pharmacy that my insurance would pay for and I know there are a few, but none close enough to be convenient. Can't anyone in anyplace actually do their job anymore ? Unbelievable .

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  • Ja
      25th of Jun, 2012

    The Kroger in my area in Cincinnati, Ohio (Mt. Washington) is the same way . I've been using this pharmacy for years. I have been on multiple prescriptions for a very long time, .. I recently lost my insurance, and it's became even harder to get the two most important prescriptions, the most important one I can't afford on a monthly basis, so the other I must get because it helps with my medical condition. Since I have lost my insurance, I have usually been able to get the one prescription two days early, now all of a sudden I can't. They are now saying it's on my prescription I can't get it two days early, mind you I lost my insurance in January this year, today is suppose to be the day I can get the cheaper one, and ofcourse they will not let me get it today!

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  • Mi
      25th of Jun, 2012

    Again Today I find myself in the same situation AGAIN ! Its beyond my belief that after speaking with the Pharmacy Manager that Kroger still cannot seem to order enough medications of the ones' they sell each month to keep customers in the medications they Need to survive., They really should have their ability to sell drugs Removed.

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  • Sw
      1st of Feb, 2013

    Kroger's shelves in the pharmacy look bare. I will not go there anymore. I have a 30 day prescription of pain meds, and they would not fill it on the 30th day, said they didn't count the first day. Ha, stupid

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  • Wh
      6th of Mar, 2013

    If their shelves are bare it is because they were busy as hell and you got there too late. It id flu season for God's sake. What is wrong with you people. If you can do it better, get licensed and get to work.

    The way a narcotic is filled is up to the feds. You have to wait til the 31st day to fill, because if you try to fill on the 30th day, you still have one day of medication. THAT is the law.

    If you think it is stupid, call the feds and DEA and tell them. WE follow the law and NONE of us will risk prison for YOU.

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  • Si
      7th of Mar, 2013

    Why is it then, that thirty minutes after i left Kroger, i went across the street at your competitors and they were very friendly and filled my prescription. There are other pharmacies in the same area that will fill my prescription also. You Kroger people need to learn something about courteous and friendly customer service.

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  • Wh
      8th of Mar, 2013

    Do I really need to answer that? If your neighbor won't knock off a store for you, but your brother will, does that make your neighbor right? Just because someone else does something they are not supposed to, does not make the ones who actually follow the law wrong. Jesus. When the across the street get their license pulled where you gonna go?

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  • Mi
      22nd of Apr, 2017

    @Why The Long Faces We're just not that stupid. there is no federal law making you wait until the 31st day to fill any script. There may be a date on it from the physician but no law. Uh yeah, the neighbor is right.

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