Kroger / management

Houston, Texas 77083, United States

I Love my job I've been with kroger for 22 years and seen alot. I've had my share of not so good management and i was blessed with four great managers that i truly miss. On June 2, 2017 i wasn't feeling up to par, i came into work with my coffee, clocked in went upstairs to put my purse away and print out my sheet for our groc truck. I then spilled my coffee on a desk. I then started to clean it. It took 17 minutes. The following two weeks later i was called into the office and was written up for wasting time!!! How is this possible? ??? Well i was told corporate has rules and i need to follow them. So WHY CORPORATE AM I GETTING WRITTEN UP FOR FRIVOLOUS ACCIDENT!! I WAS NOT SITTING AROUND I HAD A ACCIDENT . I CLEANED IT UP. AND THIS magr. Roz williams has the gall to write me up for 17 minutes. ..!! Store #347

Jun 09, 2017

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