Kroger / kroger employee

On November 28, 2017 around 7:45pm my family and I were checking out at the Kroger on Richmond rd in Lexington Kentucky, in isle 7 when the woman in front of us was having a complication with her prescription from the pharmacy. The cashier whose name was Lauren called someone over for help. The lady who came to assist her was wearing a green vest and her name was Emily. Emily proceeded to call for the pharmacy over the intercom, they did not call the check lane back so Emily who I assume was a supervisor states "If they don't call back in 2 minutes, I am walking my [censor] over there." At this point after both the supervisor and cashier were being loud and very rude my family and I switched isles and went to isle 6. My husband was standing next to the bagger in isle 6 when Emily gets back from the pharmacy. Emily then proceeded to tell my Husband "Sir can you move" never once said excuse me and never once apologized for the way she talked to customers. This employee is all around one of the most rude employees I have ever came in contact with. My daughter then mentions "I wish I knew her name so we could tell someone about the way she talks to customers." My daughter looks back and Emily flips her vest over to where no one can see her name tag. My husband finds her name out and informs the manager. I go to the Kroger on Richmond rd in Lexington Kentucky quite often, it continues to go down hill every time I am there. After this experience I more than likely will not return to the Kroger on Richmond rd in Lexington Kentucky.

Nov 28, 2017

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