Krogeri'm complaining about an employee in the pharmacy at the paris texas store

C Apr 18, 2018 Review updated:

The employee name is Amber S. Every time I come thru the pharmacy she is rude and argumentative. Making inappropriate comments about the cost of my prescriptions. She is just rude and I'm now about to move my daughter's prescriptions to Wal-Mart because of her. I've used Kroger pharmacy for years but for the last few months I've had nothing but trouble from this girl. I'm very upset by the attitude and the service I receive when she is involved


  •   May 26, 2019

    Why is she flipping out over what you spend on prescriptions? Are they really low? Like pennies almost???

    You know most people don't get a break on prescriptions. Not everything I need is covered by my insurance. I actually had to stop seeing an allergist because he refused to treat me because the EpiPen he demanded all his patients carried with them at all times no matter if your allergies were life threatening or not, was not covered by my insurance (because my allergies were not life threatening) and just too expensive. Especially since it wasn't really necessary. At 200.00 go fvk yourself.

    Some people have no insurance and prescriptions for them are almost 100 dollars!

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