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Bedford, TexasBedford, United States

This review is mostly for the clicklist option. We use the Bedford location located on Harwood and Central. We used to use amazon fresh due to the convenience of it and recently switched to kroger clicklist to get the fuel points. So far our experience has not been worth the fuel points. Not once have we had an order come out completely correct. We have been given regular produce or meat and then charged for organic, received obviously rotten or moldy produce. Non gluten free items when ordered gluten free. Been told something was "out of stock" only to go inside and find the item ourselves after the groceries were loaded in the car! Also when ordered buy one get one free options we have either been charged for two and given two or did not receive the free item. We have been hoping for the service to improve due to the fact it is still relatively new, however don't think we will be continuing with this service until they "work out the kinks". I recently spoke with the manger named Jeremy who was very apologetic and seemed to genuinely care about our experience. He seemed to want to make our experience better and thought another clicklist manager named Julia would be able to better help. After several hours she never called as he said she would. When another staff member called to say our order was ready I asked if Julia was available. Julia called me back only to tell me the order was ready for pick up and she wasn't told she was to call back. She had no apologies for that or for the previous issues with our last order. I asked if she knew what the issues were and she replied she did. She offered no help. I fully expected her to at the very least apologize, not degrade her fellow manager who she said was "all over the place and couldn't keep track of him", and do nothing to make us want to stay as a customer. Also acted as if it was an inconvenience to her to have to call a customer back. Not nice on the phone as Jeremy was! I understand things happen but this is happening too often and I'd advise for people looking for a service to help with busy life to take their business elsewhere because this hasn't been worth the "convenience" yet as we had hoped!

Oct 17, 2018

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