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I spent 2 hours shopping with about 20 minutes standing in line on Sunday 6-3-2018 at Kroger located at 5965 Hoover Road Grove City, Ohio 43123. I understand this is a busy time for the store and the wait in line was to long but understandable. I have paid by check at this location for my large grocery purchases the entire time I have shopped with Kroger (please check my purchase record/Kroger Card). Upon check out my check was not accepted and the store required another form of identification. I was the told they would "Suspend my order" and go to customer service and stand in line again to show my additional identification in order to make the purchase. I then asked to speak with a manager. The clerk did page a manager and the manager did not respond to speak to me. A manager did call the clerk and I was told there was nothing they could do to help me even after my request to speak to a manager. I then requested the entire order be cancelled and my check and coupons be returned. The clerk seemed to be baffled and wanted to know what they were to do with the items I had selected. I stated Kroger is refusing the sale that I am attempting purchase and want to force me to spend more time and inconvenience to complete the purchase. The clerk then stated he had deposited the coupons in locked drawer and only a manager could open the drawer. I then again stated I wanted the order cancelled and the return of my coupons. A "manager" was then called and responded. I again stated my concerns and was told this is a new company policy and she could not help me. My coupons were returned and my check was returned to me. I then left the store in total amazement as to my experience with Kroger.

I have made my current grocery purchases at Meijer located at 2811 London Groveport Road Grove City Ohio 43123 just minutes from your location.

My purchase was over $300.00 prior to coupons which in normal for my full grocery shopping (check records).

I have been told that these complaints strike on deaf ears and upper management does not read/nor care about them. This I find difficult to believe but I will see for myself.

If this is a "New Policy" your customer should have been notified in order give to consumer the option to continue the relationship with Kroger or find a new grocery addition to not being informed of a policy change that directly affected how I've always shopped at your location, it's also very embarrassing to be arguing with your staff for the first time in twenty years.

I feel I've been loyal to a fault, even through your disaster of a remodel, however that loyalty wasn't matched by your staff today. Your business will survive, but not with my patronage.

A once loyal customer,

David J. Magaw
Kroger card number [protected] 2)

Jun 03, 2018

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