Kotak Mahindra Bank / atm transection

I wanted to withdraw a cash of rs.7000/- from hdfc atm located at skylark tourist complex panipat and accordingly I had done the entre process for withdrawal. However, the atm machine has not been deliver the cash and showed (Unable to proceess) so I did one more transection of 7000/- and got the money but the mini statement showed the deduction of an amount 7000/-rs. On the day 03 feb 2010 at 17:10 and again 7000/- on same date but by difference of 1 min approximately. I contacted the bank manager immidiately as the atm dont have the helpline he said contct your bank and they will put in the request as I was not the hdfc bank account holder so I confirmed this with my bank kotak mahindra bank limited. They send a request and hdfc spok confirmed about the withdrawal. But the money was not withdrawn as it says unable to process. So I put in a complaint from my banks side and they said they will check the cctv footage and also contact the visa. But that will take 15 days. Request still in process. My rent commitment to lanlord and credit card payment commitment both gone wrong and I was charged for late payment and also about to be thrown out of my rented house. What to do.


My keen request to you is that please take a suitable steps so that the bank can not do this thing in futher for their customers.

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