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I brought some shirts the sign said on sale for 9.99 paid for the shirts and they where 15.99 went back to check with cashier and she sent us back to where we got them . A lady meet us back there and she explained the sign that it's only for shirts priced at 19.99 all shirts in the entire area was priced at 15.99 not one shirt was that price just away to trick people due to the fact most people don't completely read the signs also why would you lower 19.99 shirts to 9.99 and not the 15.99

Kmart Stores

Oct 19, 2018
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  • Km
      Oct 22, 2018

    Usually sales happen on items that are either in abundance or short supply. Items that have a steady supply usually won't go on sale cause its going to be a continuing items. I think mostlikely the signs was placed in the wrong spot, not that it was intentionally misleading. I can't really read the sign in the picture, but it was probably meant for big and tall sizes, but was put up in the regular mens sizes section. Big & Tall sizes usually are about $4 more at regular price, not sales price

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