Kmart / harrassment/horrible customer service

West Allis, WI, United States

Last night I left the Kmart located in West Allis, WI (off greenfield ave)

I made a large purchase (close to $100) after wondering the store for anything i might need..

After checking out, and walking out of the store, a Large man(not wearing any for of Kmart id or security id) got very close to me and starting asking me questions... Such as, can i ask you about your purchase of cosmetics. Can we talk etc. (in a not so friendly voice.) I tried to get around hI'm as we live in a city and i thought i was going to be mugged or worse. He wouldn't let me pass hI'm and said he was going to call the cops. So i ran into the store and to the customer service desk. Where he then announced he was security and that he needed to talk to me about the cosmetics i stole... I told hI'm i didn't steal anything, you can check my purse, you can check my bags. I didn't take anything. He proceeded to tell me they saw me take cosmetic items and put them in my purse. I repeatedly told hI'm i didn't take anything.(i am now completely embarrassed and mortified) He took me back to the cosmetics where he showed me where i took such items. I continue to Tell hI'm i didn't take anything, i didn't even pick up a cosmetic item... He then accuses me of throwing the item in another shelf, before leaving the store, but reassures me that they saw ME take the item!

I am now in tears, telling the man i DID NOT take anything! After what felt like a lifetI'me of hI'm belittling me, he gets on his walkie and discovers it was someone else...

WHAT it was someone else?! I walked back over to customer services and asked for the manager. (one of the girls at the desk informed me that security is not allowed to do this unless they KNOW you took something! and gave me the LP's name (Casey) and number (who i called this morning as well, and was nowhere to be found and has not returned my calls) The manager on staff came over and blankly stared at me as I'm crying and telling hI'm what happened, then looks at the security guy, he tells hI'm the same story, and he looks at me and says all i can do is say sorry...


Feb 23, 2013

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