Kiwi.comimpossible alternative flight schedule

I booked for 4 people using Suddenly they notified by email that there has been a flight change. Kiwi only gave me a day to respond to the alternative schedule, only this email went into my spam box.
So, I responded on the 3rd day.
1) First of all the alternative Kiwi gave only allowed my people 30 minutes to make their international connection at Changgi Airport in Singapore! Impossible!!!
2) Other alternatives would have required them to sleep over or fly from a totally different city.
3) I ended up paying additional charge to get them to give me a workable solution. I think this was what Kiwi had in mind to begin with. Otherwise, why offer alternatives, none of which were workable?

I was extremely unhappy with their service a few years ago. Used it again hoping it had improved. But no!!! NO!!!

Dec 10, 2018

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