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Kitchenaid Side - By - Side Refrigirator / dented door replacement

1 United States

The long sad tale of Donna's dented freezer door:

If my novel, doesn't sell on Ebay, perhaps I could sell refrigerator doors?
Of course I'd have to put them in the 'stranger than fiction' category.

Three times (since march) the stalwart factory service representatives have ordered me (on warranty) a replacement for the freezer side door of my new fridge which arrived dented. Three times a refrigerator side door has been shipped and delivered to my deck.

Two of the three are still on the deck. The factory service van isn't big enough to cart them away while still boxed up, i'm told.

The fourth time we placed the order, we got agreement from the warehouse, that some real live person would look in the box before it was shipped and be sure it was not another refrigerator side door. All the parts databases involved agree on the part number for this item. Well, all except that belonging to whoever is building the thing. Today's status would confirm that the one small process improvement worked. Yes, another wrong door was built and packaged, but it didn't get shipped.

Instead there is a request for a conference call on Saturday, on site here, beside my new side-by-side with the factory service rep, the local office, and the warehouse person who looked in the latest box. 'There seems to be some confusion about the part number.'

Is the quote in the trouble ticketing system. Eureka! (well, it's a Kitchenaid, but...)

I've requested they send the service rep with a large enough vehicle to cart away at least one more of the wrong doors. If not, we'll try Ebay.



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