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TX, United States
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I called KitchenAid on my hand mixer, which just quit working. Although it is an 'older' model and 'out of warranty;' it has been used, at the most, 15 times. I still have the box. My mother had a mixer 10-15 years older than mine, and it still worked. I couldn't understand why this product, barely used, just up and quit. I called the customer service 800# and got transferred to the small appliance center. I was hopeful that someone there would offer me 'something, ' such as replacement info, discount on the next mixer, etc...The first person that I spoke to, offered no help or compensation. Other than, go spend $40-$100 on a new one because your product is 'out of warranty.' Which, by the way, is only 1 year. Upset, I told her this was ridiculous. She then tells me it's like a car warranty. Really? Car warranties last 4-6 years - Your lousy product only has one. I then ask for her supervisor. She tranfers me to a guy, who says his name is Larry. Larry's customer service skills are horrible. He was condescending, talked over me numerous times, arrogant, and even starting yelling at me! This is the type of supervisors they employ. Not once, did he offer me some type of compensation. When I asked him for his manager, he refused and told me to 'write a letter.' No email, no phone number, no names = no response from the higher ups because they don't care! I then called the corporate office (they DO have a complaint office there, Larry, by the way). I spoke to a Jacqueline who offered me an apology and 10% off my next mixer. Gee. She said that she would forward my issue to the 'executive team' who reviews complaints...I know I won't hear back on my poor experience. No more KitchenAid or Whirlpool for me.


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