KitchenAidannoying products


I will never buy KitchenAid appliances. We moved into a gorgeous home in Raleigh w/ Kitchen Aid oven and microwave. I can't STAND having inanimate objects in my kitchen loudly nagging me like two-year-old children. If I start cooking some frozen veggies in the microwave while working on the rest of dinner elsewhere, I will get FIVE (5) loud long beeps if I dare to let the item rest between zaps. If I set the oven timer to stop cooking after 20 minutes, I will get FOUR (4) long loud beeps every freaking minute after it turns off. Excuse me, KitchenAid, do you mind if I decide how to manage my time in the kitchen? These aren't "reminder" beeps. Maybe they wanted a loud enough beep to be heard from a distance, but WHY four or five? If it's loud enough to be heard, it's loud enough to be heard freaking ONCE. I realize I might sound like a crazy person, but this is becoming a super pet peeve. We own a condo on Miami Beach w/ Frigadaire appliances, including a wonderful microwave that emits the tiniest little periodic sound after the timer expires, like a kitten mewing, and I just want to give it a big kiss!

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