Kitchenaid Microwave/Convection Ovenbad product/bad service

Installed Microwave/Convection oven and found that steam causes door to completely fog, sometimes for 24-30 hours. After service call, received authorization for product exchange. After no response from Product Exchange department (6 weeks after service call) found that the exchange was denied by them and decision final because steaming of door is considered a normal part of operation - no disagreement there - but the fact that it steams and does not clear for such a long time does not seem correct. However, they refused to take into consideration the length of time door is fog - seal could be faulty! and have left me with a product that I consider defective. Seems like a bad decision since this is a $500 item that can easily be replaced. Every bit of interaction with the service side of the company has been difficult and/or almost non-existent. Do not recommend KitchenAid products based on this experience.

Dec 22, 2014

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