KitchenAid / all 5 appliances faulty

United States

ALL of our Kitchenaid appliances have had on-going repair in the short 5 years we've been in our home.

1. The hinge on the oven door keeps snapping - leaving the door agape.

2. The door on our second oven 'conveniently' locks due to a sensor poor design.

3. The microwave door spring just gave again.

4. The Kithenaid refrigerator pan leaks.

5. Our $800 Kitchenaid dishwasher which is only a year and a half old just died. Repair came out a long week later and replaced the motor only to find that's not the problem. Another week later we're waiting to have a new control panel installed.

ANY and all suggestions for fighting this with Kitchenaid welcomed! Believe in Karma.

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