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Feb 24 2010 i tried to pay for my items at the Ken Pratt pky in longmont colorado tonight. the card scanner was not working. after trying the card repeatedly we had to get a clerk. Her assistance was polite and sarcastic.

The check out was a big hassel, and even tough the clerk said the correct words but did not get into action and do it, fix the problem.I have shopped at another store, which recently went out of bussiness, (Albertsons)

In determining where i will get my food and such, I don't think Safeway and it's clerk are more trouble than i will put up with. Unless, I have reason to do otherwise I will take my Bussiness To King Soopers. just thought you would like to know you have lost a customer due to;Faulty computer scanner and a slow, sarcastic clerk. i have done more than my fair share of giving you feedback about my choice for shopping at Safeway.


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      Dec 05, 2010

    I work at store 49 17000 E lliff ave in aurora as a floral manager an yes the store managers are very abusive i was forced to quit do to a hostile work environment also i was discriminated against as well, They say there company values are 1.Honesty 2.Integrity 3.Respect of others 4.Diversity 5.Safety 6.Inclusion, your voice matters, Well this is crap because I have voice memos were the store managers are telling me they were going to force me to step down. It was so bad at that store I had to record them on my cell phone every time they called me in to the office. I try to get transfer out of that store and they told me that was NOT!!! going to happn unless I step down but other managers from different depts came and went. There had been five or more other floral managers in that store be for me and from my understanding they step down. I was with king soopers for almost 2 years and I loved my job just the managers are so mean. I have taken this to the union as for now nothing yet has happn. I would also like to get a good attorney on this. I also had hurt myself n on the job n after going to the docts the work comp my store manager told me I was going to have to pay the bill. So KathyLe you are so right how these manager are. If any one out there would like to join me in this battle please feel free to e-mail me @ [protected] thank you for reading my complaint with king soopers

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      Feb 04, 2011

    Well today I had my step 2 grievance meeting with Kingsoopers. Did it do me any good? NO!! it did not .Mat Davids did not want to hear anything I had to say at one point he even rolled his eyes at I thought it was kind of funny in a way. But as the meeting went on I ask him like four different times if he would like to here the voice recordings I have of the store supervisor Roni telling me that her and the store manager were going to force me to step down and that I would have no choice and how they deny me my leave of absence. The funny part is there denying they even said any of this to me and I have it all on tape.I guess though if he would have let me play it for him he could not of taken there side on this hole thing huh.He just shook his head no and told me that they were just doing there job and that to him he seen no form of hostile work environment that he was denying my request. Dose that surprise me? NO!! Did I think it would turn out any different then it did? NO!! Do the little people ever win? NOPE!! people like this always get away with what they do no matter how much evidence you have on them to prove your case, I have it on tape, time and dates and it still did not matter. How sad is this!! Well on to step 3 now. Now its just the point of this matter of how people can get treated like that in a work place by a manager or co manager and nothing happens to them. Oh but if that was one of us little people we would have been fired. Again how sad. !!! Please if any of you out there have been were I am or are going through it now please please post you complaints with mine. thank you for reading my store.

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