KIA / bad and unacceptable service and total ripped off

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
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I just had a very bad experience from KIA Service Center in Al Qusais Dubai UAE. I own a KIA Sportage model 2015 2.4L, purchased it brand new 2 years ago.
I started noticing some smoke coming from the back of the car when I start it but not always. Car is running and no other issue except that. I missed to service it once or twice. Life gets busy and sometimes you just dont have the money (bad call but that is what happen). Maybe I have compromised my car but the experience I had with this service center is totally and utterly unacceptable. I brought the car for service last May 2017 and I mentioned that smoke I was noticing. They had it serviced and when I took it I was told that the car is fine just observe the oil make sure I t doesn't go down because when they checked it there was no/little oil . I was charge for the service and for some parts they need to replace (but at that time they have the 50% discount offered) . So I took the car and did what they asked me to do, drive it for a week and still I a noticed the smoke so I rang them and they asked me to bring the car back which I did and they did some fixing and change some part and charge me another 500aed for that. I took the car again and to my surprise still the same issue of smoke, that bothered me already and rang them again and I was asked to bring the car over again and this time they might need to open and check the engine. Brought the car back to them and I have waited for them to contact me, I was calling them asking me for updates and they said I need to wait coz they are still running diagnostics. I decided to go to them and see the car by myself and to my surprised the car was where I left it four days ago, where I parked it and they have not touch it and done nothing so I complained and they said they will do it and etc. After few days they rang me saying that the car HAS A BROKEN ENGINE (GASKET AND BORE ENGINE) and needs replacing and they want to charge me 13, 000aed despite of me telling them to help me in anyway they can but unfortunately they cannot do anything for me.
I felt disheartened and started asking other people for advice because I felt its ridiculous to pay another 13, 000aed for a two year old car I am still paying from the bank! They said its out of warranty because I missed the service and they charge me another 500aed just for the checking they did and they did not even put the car back together and I have to take it from bits have it towed and take it to another local garage!!
Very awful experience and up until now I cannot believe that my brand new 2 year old car has a broken engine! Is it the kind of reliability I can get from KIA?? I choose this car because I thought its convenient but I was totally wrong!!!

Jun 13, 2017

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