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Key Bank / Mistake hits my pocket

1 United States

On March 2 I logged onto Key Bank online to manage my bill pay for March. I established 7 bills to be pulled from my checking account on March 5th. After confirming, I realized that Feb. was a short month and our direct deposit would hit the following week. So I immediately changed the dates, pushing back the payments to the 15th to be safe.

On March 9 I logged onto online banking for find my account overdrawn 1, 200 dollars. The online system has attempted to pull my payments on Mon. March, 8th. I called online banking and had an associate research who was able to using my confirmation codes log in and see the payments were indeed scheduled for the 15th. He apologized and said there was nothing he could do to stop the payments now, they would be reversed in 2 business days and he would notated the accounts so we wouldn't receive overdraft fees. He could not do anything today and to call Friday to resolve the issue.

On March 12 I had the call elevated to a supervisor in online banking after the associate I received at random read the call notes. The Supervisor, Darin stated he would resolve it by the end of Saturday. My hands were tied over the weekend. I watched my paycheck land in my overdrawn account and was not able to even put gas in my car because of the $245 in overdraft fees. On Monday I was accessed "reoccurring" overdraft fees for each charge because it has been a week and this isn't resolved, $22 per original overdraft another $154 dollars in fees.

On Monday, March 15, I called again to find out why this hasn't be resolved, Darin stated he couldn't "refund" the account without his manager approval.

Today, March 16 I called customer retention directly. The supervisor pulled the account and saw the notes detailing everything. The $399 in wrongful fees can take 7 to 11 business days to resolve based on my call today. Taking the entire 11 business days would bring my account a total of $770 in reoccurring and excessive overdraft fees. But The account will be automatically closed before the end of 5 business days.

Unfortunately she states she will not be able to refund the fees until the bill pay is contested and returned. I still want to pay the bills. Yesterday was the date they were supposed to be pulled, why return them? It turns out Darin cannot refund me the fees, only reverse the bill pay. I just want the fees that were accessed because of Key Bank removed. I had the money in my account for the bills to be paid on the date I established not a week before.


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