Kenmore / service repair date and fee

Stanhope, IA, United States

My 6 year old Kenmore elite bottom freezer refrigerator has a faulty compressor and is in need of repair via Kenmore's 10 year warranty for faulty compressors free of charge to me. When I called to schedule this repair, I was put onto the end of a long list of customers regardless of needs-based assessment and given a date 10 days away! 10 days for a refrigerator is not acceptable! I originally spoke with a representative names Lucy when I made the call on 10/13 around 11:45 am. At my request, Lucy escalated me to a manager since I was extremely unhappy to wait that long, nor be charged a service fee for Sears' brand faulty refrigerator that states free of charge!
The customer service manager, named Princess in the Philippines, was unhelpful in any way of service or resolution - it seems her hands are tied by the system and lack of service technicians who want to work on the weekend! WHAT?! Absurd. On both accounts. First, Sears needs to hire individuals who want to work on the weekend to meet customers' needs! Second, How can you NOT have a Tier-based determination of service that escalates for particular emergencies such as a hot water heater in the winter, or a family's stocked refrigerator as top needs?! Third, do you not value your own brand? A Kenmore appliance might be considered for escalation for service requests as a way to get Sears customers and keep them happy! Fourth, how about that this refrigerator is only 6 years old!
I need this service technician who is scheduled to come on October 25th to instead be here before this Friday - Today, Tomorrow THAT is acceptable - next Wed!? not acceptable! Princess had nothing more she could offer as a customer service manager than to re-tell me that I can check the website to see if there are sooner cancellations! Not helpful to my needs! Lastly, The Kenmore warranty states free of charge - therefore I do not expect to pay for Sears' faulty brand of refrigerator.

Angry customer doesn't even cut it - as I deliver Quality customer service and I did not receive it at all with this experience. This is just all around unacceptable to me. I would like to resolve this with you today, please so that I do not need to seek further action. Thank you!

Oct 16, 2018

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