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Kenmore / f1 error

1 Sacramento, CA, United States

Oh yes the dreaded F1 flashing. wife and I have reset the washing machine more times than I can count. I read up on some forums and decided to take a chance and purchase a new control board and replaced it. I replaced it and it immediately did the same F1 code crap again...God I felt like an idiot buying this main circuit board. Now that I have done more research and found literally hundreds of complaints; there are probably thousands out there! I will NEVER EVER Purchase any Kenmore or Whirlpool (Whirlpool owns Kenmore or vise versa) Ever Again...Anyone reading this would head my advice and never purchase that crap again. Ya I could spend hundreds on a tech and will probably, in the end, just purchased a new one after all... So I suppose I will deal with the F1 Crap as long as I can deal with my wife complaining about it and make another trip to a more reputable place to buy a more reputable washing machine...In all honestly my parents had a washing machine that lasted like 25 years...why cant the make them the way they used to??? Hell maybe its is better off buying an good old used one with better parts before they started sending all the good workmanship overseas! Whatever!!! I'm so pissed and frustrated. Sorry gotta vent somehow! For those with the same problem...I FEEL Ya!

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