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Kenmore Refrigerator / non delivery/poor customer service

1 North York Toronto, Ontario, Canada

To whom it may concern,

After several months of saving and contemplating what and where to buy our refrigerator and oven, we finally decided to get it from a reputable company. Being new immigrants who is starting our new life in Canada, buying big applainces is a big decision for us. It took us months and some belt tightening measures for us to save enough to buy the best that we can save for and deal with a reputable company to ensure that we get the quality and the service that I thought we deserve.

Last April 7th, we went to Sears located at the Yorkdale Mall in North York. After talking to the sales person named Mehnad, we decided to buy a Kenmore refrigerator and a Kenmore oven. Everything went smoothly until I noticed the printed receipt. It contains a different adress from my own address. I notified the sales person right away about this and he said that he will take care of it and make the necessary corrections. I also requested that the items be delivered on a weekend because my wife and I are at work during the weekdays. He did not mention that the items can be delivered after office hours. So we ended up setting the date for Aprill the 20th. I cleared all my schedules for that day to received the delivery.

Come April the 20th, 7:30 am, I received an automated call saying that a delivery will be done within an hour. I had to wake that moment and clear my refrigerator and oven anticipating the delivery. At around 8:00am I received another automated call stating the same thing. After 30 minutes I received a call regarding the delivery address and | said that it is the wrong address. I also mentioned that | noticed that the day | bought the items and had it corrected. They said that they will call the delivery truck and have it delivered to my house. After a few minutes the delivery truck arrived but they only brought the oven. I ask about the refrigerator and they said that they dont have it on their list. But they will call and check with the office. I was satisfied knowing I was dealing with your company. I have them take out my old oven and refrigerator expecting the delivery to arrive. Inspite of their assurance, I initiated a call to the Delivery Services number on the Sears website informing them of my concern, and | want to make sure, that it will be delivered and my day was not wasted. I was given the response that they will call the delivery van about the change. After a few hours of waiting I decided to call the store to make a follow up. I called the sales person that I dealt with and he said the will call the delivery services. But after a few more hours of waiting, I did not received any call or confirmation so I decided to call the Delivery Services number again. This time I got a definite assurance that I will not get my delivery that day. They said that they are finished for the day and no drivers are available. They have tried to deliver but they have the wrong address. This infuriated me since I called several times that day aside from having it corrected the same day of the purchase about the address. They said they cannot do anything about it. Although the lady on the line was very apologetic and offered to call the store for a loaner, I refused. My thinking was if you can have a loaner delivered, why can you not have my item that I paid for delivered. I was very mad at this point and was shouting because of my frustration (I apologize|!). Nobody even gave me the courtesy of a phone call to inform me that no delivery will be done today. I was very adamant to have the item delivered because my food in the refrigerator will be wasted and I felt like I was a hostage and there is nothing I can do about it. I felt like I was treated unfairly, after paying the items and the service, this is what I get! Is this how Sears treats its customers? After being awaken early and waiting the whole day, no delivery? I called the store again, but to make a long story short, no delivery was done. I wasted the whole day and to make matters worst, I am looking at the next few days without a refrigerator. It was so frustrating to say the least! For the next few days, we have to eat outside or order food daily. We have to go to the grocery daily if we want to cook our own food. We cannot buy anything perishable because we have no refrigerator. This is very incovenient and expensive because we bring food to work to save on money.

Today Monday, April 22, after office, I decided to drop by the store to talk to a manager to make a complaint. The person that I dealt with was off, so a Senior Sales Manager by the name of Habim met with me. I told him my predicament. He responded to me as he should but he keeps on mentioning that it was not anybody's fault. Then whose fault is it? He was blaming the procedure and the process and he has no control over the situation and all I can do at this time is to make a call to a complaint number. Although apologetic, he was not sincere. I felt like I was a just a statistic and ask to call a number. But still I called the complaint number, which I think was a mistake and a waste if time. I got the same type of response again, apologetic but no sincerity, no solutions except to wait and just read the notes which I already knew. Nothing of my efforts to correct the issue was even mentioned. Thus I decide to write the letter. I know it is long, but please, I hope you take time to read and make the necessary actions to correct this system of yours. Make us customers that spend hard earned money in your stores feel that we deserve more that just being treated as a statistic. I would really appreciate a response so that we will not think that we made the mistake of choosing to deal with your company.

Apr 22, 2013

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