Kenmorekenmore oven fries electronic control board

We own a Kenmore Elite Gas Range, model 790.[protected]. I believe this stove has a design flaw. At the back of the stove top, there is an oven vent that channels hot air from the oven up into the stove control panel area that is located at the back of the stove top. We had to replace the control board several years ago when the heat from this oven vent fried the control board electronics resulting in unusual behaviors, such as locking the door, sounding an alarm and turning off the oven, refusing to start the oven, etc. The same problem has again occurred, leaving me no other cost effective alternative but to shell out yet ANOTHER $185 for another control panel since our stove is not under warranty and since I cannot find any record of a class action lawsuit for this model.

Anybody else having this problem?

Apr 09, 2016

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