Kenmore / kenmore model [protected] washing machine

United States

I purchased the washer new from Sears in Sandusky Ohio when they were closing the store. The washer just 2 years old. After the fist 14 months it started to get louder during the spin cycle. Now it is so loud that you can't be in the same room with it while its spinning. Sears delivered it, set it up, and leveled it. With the laundry room door closed it is so loud you can't hear the television two rooms over. I have contacted Sears. They want to send a tech out for $100 to diagnose the problem. I can spin the drum by hand and here the same noise only quitter. I have been told I would have to pay for the service call to diagnose, the service call to repair, and the parts. This would cost more than the washer was new. This is the second Kenmore washing machine I purchases in my adult life. The first one lasted 14 months and the motor went out, then it went out 3 more times until I finally pitched it. Swore I would never buy another. Several years later I let the sales people talk me into buying this hunk of crap. I will never buy another Kenmore product again. Called Whirlpool also. they would not help me in any way. I believe it is a bad drum bearing or something of that nature. An appliance repair man tole me I would have to buy a new gearcase for it. The part alone is $270. I wish we could buy good, ole fashioned washers that last again.

Oct 29, 2018

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