Kenmore Elite bottom freezer model Fridgefoul odor

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We have this exact problem for the second time in our 2012 Kenmore Elite Fridge. I too discovered the nonsensical engineering design of the drip pan being essentially locked in to the bottom of the rear of the fridge and unable to be removed. The odor was emanating from the compressor and drainage tubes are which are located beside the compressor but between the cooling fan and the compressor. The 2 drainage tubes can become clogged (through the natural humidity removal and spillage that always happens in a fridge) and the material inside the tubes essentially rots if there is a clog there.. When the cooling fan comes on to cool the compressor it naturally blows across the drain tubes and pushed the smelly air into a warm compressor which exasperates the problem by moving it out and around the fridge.
I was surprised at the number of complaints on this situation after searching for this problem and it is a very obvious design flaw. I don't know how many fridges they have sold with this design but I can imagine it is more than thousands. Has anyone thought of or heard of a Class Action suit against Sears for this design issue? I doubt you will get any satisfaction from Sears on the matter.
This problem will not go away. You can clean up the tubes and flush the pan to temporarily resolve it but it will always return.

Feb 06, 2015
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  • Ba
      Jun 28, 2016

    i have The same problem . My 3 door fridge has an awful smell and the drain pan looks like it has cottage cheese in it !no help from sears or kenmore?did you have any recourse ?

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