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Kay Jewelers / rip off

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I went to Kay Jewelers at Eastview Mall in Victor NY to purchase a $300 wedding band for my husband (to replace an older one that was beat up...) While there I had my Original Engagement Diamond ring ($1000 20 years ago) and Anniversary Ring ($4100 8 years ago) cleaned. These were purchased from a real Jewelry store Not Kay.

After cleaning and examining them, they said that All the diamonds were loose in both rings and recommended that they get tightened and can be shipped out with the sizing of the new purchased ring and they would all return the same time. Fell for it!!! 10 days later stopped in only to find out that the shipment was lost by their carrier UPS. They offered a store credit for equal or lesser... (you get the picture).

My Husband went to the store and furiously demanded the total value in cash ($5100 plus tax, not including appreciation value) to no avail. He called customer service and they repeated the store policy of equal or lesser value credit (you get the picture).

They were Negligent, I get to pick 5100 worth of there crap jewelry, and they get a Full Insurance claim out of the deal… Lesson learned, “never" let your Sentimental Jewelry out of your sight, and certainly never let them talk you into shipping it anywhere without a retainer from them for the Full appraisal value. Husband is speaking with an Attorney and considering taking them to court on Principle.

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  • Ed
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    It's not the stores fault that your jewelry was lost. unfortunately, ups/fedex lose packages and yes their insurance replaces the value of the product lost. nothing can replace a sentimental item such as yours and as frustrating as it is for you and the jewelry store, the only thing that can be done is to replace your loss with something of the same value. they do custom work and might be able to recreate your lost piece. i have worked for a couple of differant jewelry stores and among other things, ups/fedex have lost company shipments before to include yours and theirs. i am sorry that it happened to you and understand your anger but be sympathetic to the jewelry store. if they hadnt told you about your loose stones, then you might have hit your ring on something and out come the stones, then where would you be. i'm sure if you suggest the custom option to them, they might be able to work something out. i sincerely wish you the best of luck in getting a resolution to your problem but a lawsuit is not the way to go.

  • St
      24th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    E.d. you keep posting things on here in "favor" of Kay. I think you work there and are trying to maintain your customers. I have read SEVERAL reviews where Kay has "lost" the jewelry. I know that UPS loses packages but not as many as I've seen reviews.

  • Go
      24th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The helpful professionals at said jewelry chain remind one of a shark when said shark smells fresh blood. There is no mercy or humanity, just reaction to their advantage-that moment when a consumer ponders the offerings put before them. It DOES seem strange that the customer's articles were lost, does it not? Stores and businesses CANNOT stay in business when valuables are lost or misplaced. It is a curious matter how they find repairs in many, many instances when a customer dares to enter their stores. Reminds one of those auto repair facilities who always find something wrong that is in need of repair. My best advice is to avoid these theives masquerading as jewelers.

  • Ko
      10th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If you feel that Kay is not a "real" jewelry store then what were you doing there purchasing a new ring in the first place? It sounds like the salesman did his job in advising you that your ring was in need of repair, if he hadn't and you had then lost stones from the ring would that have been his fault also? When you sign the repair slip to send something out for repair you are acknowledging that it will be shipped out to a remote location repair shop. You are also signing to the fact of the value stated and if it is lost it will be replaced with something of like quality and design. Nowhere does it say they will pay you the retail value of the item if it is lost. UPS lost it, not the store, so place blame properly. I mean think about it, they are in the jewelry business, so why in the world would they pay you the retail value of the ring? Of course they will replace it at their cost for you. You end up with a new ring of the value you agreed to when you sent it out. You were not scammed by the company, unfortunately losses in shipping do occur and it is a bad thing but perhaps you have made sure you understood the situation before you sent out your ring for repair.

  • Gr
      26th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I totally agree with the post. I purchased my fiancees diamond from them in January for about 6K. The ring was brought in because the stone was loose. It was sent to the home office to be replaced. 3 months and 3 attempts to find a stone and setting that would fit together we still do not have the ring back. This is a disgusting oversight and in my opinions adds up to gross negligence on the part of the company. All I want now is to get my money back and to never do business with Kay again. Of course their policy is they do not give refunds. Is there any way I can get a lawyer involved to settle just to get my money back?

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