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awful treatment

Treated my girlfreind as if she was a leaper. I had sent her in to have her jewelry clean, inspected and tighten. Plus she had snagged her tennis [diamond] bracelet at work. The clasp was bent and the 2 black girls just looked at her and gave her the 3rd degree . Wanted to know why she would wear diamonds to work. She is an asst. mgn. @ a drug store. Then the *** guy comes out of the back and ews and ahs. About taking it off. I didn't care if it broke THAT IS WHY I PAID FOR INS. on her diamond necklace, earings, ring, and bracelet. Well the little fellow was able to get it off without breaking it, rebent it and he was done. She left without getting her stuff cleaned inspected, of the 3 ###s working there. Nobody knew how to pull my account up w/ my Marks & Morgan credit card and find info of my ins. I also don't like the way they bill interest first. It was a pain in the ---- to get credit back as I paid all my purchases off early.

  • Ed
    e.d. Nov 22, 2008

    call their customer service number and your treatment will be addressed by the district manager and the store manager. you are right about the esp/insurance plan. without a receipt, it is somewhat difficult to locate the information without accurate information. and yes, they could use your account number to pull up your account, but even then the system will only show account history back as far as a year to two years in some cases. if you have the esp plan, it will pay for any repair work to restore the piece back to wearable condition. it doesnt matter whether she wears it to work or not, she should be able to wear it and enjoy it without worry. thats what the guarantee is for. good luck

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ring not back when promised

I took my engagement ring to Kay's on July 31, 2008- a prong had broken and I had purchased the "extra" warranty so they would fix their own mistakes for no further charge. Keep in mind, the ring was only about 4 months old when I took it in. At that time, I also requested that they give me an estimate on a specially made wedding band. They said they would have the estimate by August 8. On August 6th they called with the estimate which, at the time, I found to be very reasonable. I gave them the ok to make the wedding band and repair the engagement ring. They said it would take 30 days. After about 40 days, I called them to ask where my ring was. At that time, I was told that the original time frame was 30-45 days which I knew was a lie but they assured me that it would be back on Sunday, September 21. So, on day 45, I called to see if my ring was ready. I was put on hold for a few minutes while they called their "repair" shop. I was then told that it would be ready on Wednesday, September 24th. On Wednesday, September 24th, I called again, was again put on hold, and was then told that they weren't sure what was taking so long. At that point, my husband called them [yes, husband, we're married and I don't have my wedding band yet : ( ] . He was also told that the jewelry store was unsure of what exactly the repair shop was doing but they would call us as soon as they found out. So, Thursday, September 25th, (Day 49) I got a call from the assistant manager, Michelle. She said that she had spoken with Garrett, the man at the repair shop and that my ring was to be his number one priority and he was to get it done that day. I asked her if it was even started and she said she would have to call the "repair" shop. She called back a few minutes later and said that it hadn't been started. I told her to cancel it. Why would I pay these people money for something that they'd screwed up from the very beginning? She seemed shocked that I wanted to cancel it- she tried to tell me how beautiful it was going to be etc. I told her that it will be beautiful, but it won't be done by them. I told her to send my engagement ring back. She said they'd call me as soon as they got it. I called Sunday Sept. 28- again spoke with the assistant manager, Michelle, I was told that the store doesn't receive mail on the weekends - who in America doesn't get mail on Saturday??? - so the ring wouldn't be in until Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Now, today is day 53, and I AGAIN am told I have to wait for my ring. They haven't even started to fix the prong which was the original problem! We are telling EVERYONE WE MEET NOT TO SHOP AT KAYS! At no point did they even offer 1% or even a dollar off the cost of the specially made ring or even an apology for me going without my engagement ring for 2 months! They think they can't be affected by word of mouth but I'm on a crusade now to let everyone know that they're out for the money, they don't even care about the customers.

  • Ed
    e.d. Nov 22, 2008

    i agree with your problem, not sure why they were having a problem with the shop but sometimes the store is at the mercy of the repair schedules a shop might have. as far as mail on saturday, they don't use the u.s. postal service. ups is the shipper and they don't usually ship packages for delivery on saturday.

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repair/customer service

May 10, 2006, I purchased, and had installed two watch batteries from Kay Jewelers (Columbia Mall, Bernadette...

bad repair

1. Went for biannual prog check-siad loose stone 2. 1/08 sent to have stone tighten-came back with inside of...

do not get scammed by kay

My fiance recently purchased my engagement ring at Kay. I spent hours admiring its perfection, but it was a little big, so I went to have it resized. When I got it back, there was a noticeable black spot in the left diamond. I pointed it out, but the entire staff insisted that it had been there, that it was "a birthmark of the diamond, " etc. It was on the inside of the diamond, however, I know for a solid fact that it was NOT there before. So this would mean that they didn't damage my diamond; they replaced it with a different one. The people at Kay jewelers are CRIMINALS.


  • Ed
    e.d. Nov 22, 2008

    kays doesnt make it a practice to switch diamonds from a side stone on a ring. if you didnt like it when you got it back, you should of exchanged it for one that you were satisfied with, they would have ordered some in for you to choose from. if you still have the ring and are within your 90 day exchange timeframe, take it back and ask them to order some in for you to choose from. it's as simple as that. there would be no reason for them to switch a stone like that. i know a guy that bought a 1/2 ct round solit once and about a week later, "suddenly there was a black spot in the middle of the stone that grew there on night" that wasnt there before. the carbon ferry must have put it there. he just missed it, maybe you did too. take it back and they'll make it right if your still within your exchange time.

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I am very upset

My husband purchased a 2 carat ring it took two weeks for us to get the ring back from it being sized .We picked the ring up a day before we got married, as soon as I got home I tried the ring on my finger and a diamond came out. The next day was our wedding and they fixed the ring. Then the diamond came out the very next day for $3, 000 I think that the diamonds should not have came out so fast. So I had to wait a week to get the ring back. When I got it back I wore it for two days then noticed the ring was turning yellow. I don't think it was worth all the money!!

  • Ch
    chevyboy Feb 06, 2009

    I cant believe that the person that wrote this complaint would think that the montary amount of the ring would actually matter to whether or not the gems should stay in place or fall out any easier. What a stupid remark to make. I do believe that Kay should have done a better job of making sure that the gems were in place. It would have been in their benefit to do so, if the customer purchased the lifetime agreement on the ring, and to ensure that they keep the customer happy. I am a customer of Kay Jewelers and have been happy with the service and salespeople. I would recommend Kay Jewelers to anyone purchasing jewelery to do so through them.

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they are the worst

I went to Kay's to buy a pair of small diamond stud earrings and the salesman there was sooooo pushy. He tried to get me to buy larger diamond when I kept telling him no.

Well, I purchased earrings and then changed my mind and returned them to the store within their specified return policy. I was there for an hour as the incompetent salesperson tested the diamond. She then told me that I would have to come back when a manager was there because there tester was not working. I do not live close to the store and this would have inconvenienced me. She then told me that a manager was on lunch and would be back in about 45 minutes. I asked her to call him or any other manager of any Kay's store that could assist me in getting my money back. She told me he did not have a cell phone. That was not true. The manager shows up about 20 minutes later in a white t-shirt & shorts. Very unprofessional! He puts the diamonds under the scope and tests them and eventually gives me my money back.

I have had nothing but bad experiences with this company and in testing the diamond they sold me it was obvious that it did not test well because they sell such lousy diamonds.

I suggest never ever going to them.

  • La
    Lawrence Aug 09, 2008

    As a former employee of Kay Jewelers (and don't think I'm going to argue with you on your complaint because I'm not) I feel as though I should share this information:

    It is a kind of a gray area as far as returns go. I believe it is company policy for only Management to process refunds (generally only 3 people per store except Jared); and there will always be at least one of those people there. However, my manager allowed any associate who knew how to process the return to do so. So there would've undoubtedly been someone there who could've given you your refund.

    The diamond testers will usually stop functioning a few months into use. So it is possible the thing wasn't working, but, there are usually 3+ diamond testers in the store. So that was a lame excuse.

    Of course the manager had/has a cell phone so that was just a terrible line. Don't really know what else to say about that.

    As far as the manager coming in wearing shorts and a t-shirt, it could've been his day off (managers get only one per week). So maybe he was just coming into the store for something else when you happened to be there. I also think this may have been the case because a lot of people in the company are somewhat strict about the dresscode. But, who knows.

    For you and any other customers of Kay Jewelers or potential customers...DO NOT shop there, find a smaller independent jewelry store where you may pay 10% more and may not have the service plan or warranty but you get so much more in terms of quality of merchandise (don't even get me started on how they scam you there) and in general customer service. An independent jewelry store will be more concerned with your happiness rather than their bottom line.

    We were always told to push the higher priced items and to do anything to try and avoid a return. This may seem pretty basic for a chain retailer but you never really think about it until you experience it as a customer or employee.

    All of that having been said, there really are some good managers and associates in that, or any chain retailer. I can honestly say that from what I experienced my manager did seem to care quite a bit about his customers; but it's like I said the only thing that really matters to them at the end of the day is the bottom line; unfortunately.

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  • Ed
    e.d. Nov 22, 2008

    most of the time the diamond testers take some getting used to in order for them to work right and maybe your associate was new and didnt know how to use it. the cell phone excuse could have been because it was their day off which is obviously what happened because of your t shirt and shorts description. they were professional enough to help you on their day off. mmmm, sounds like they tried to give you customer service even though their associate didnt know how.

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  • St
    StarMagnolia May 05, 2011

    I bought my granddaughter, for her 16th birthday, the bracelet like Pandora's bracelet. In three short months, it broke and it was not abused. Tried to take it back and Rebecca, the "manager" refused to make the bracelet "good" - in fact, she did not even recognize the store's own merchandise and provided NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


    Jane Seymour should NOT have her good name associated with this company!!

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  • Mr
    mrskmiller May 16, 2011

    We just bought our wedding rings from Kay Jewelers in Oklahoma City, OK. The service upon buying the rings was wonderful. When picking them up, the staff was rude and unhelpful. We have had our wedding rings for 3 days and they are already beaten up and scratched all to hell. We don't do anything besides mainly stay at home and I take my ring off at work. So how the hell does this happen to something supposedly real? Not this easy anyways. We spent 800 on the rings & warranties. I would definatly not recommend this place to anyone wanting fine jewelry. I'm getting my refund and taking my business elsewhere. If you value your money's worth, I'd advise you to do the same.

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don't buy from them

In 1996, my Mother and her new husband, both 80 years old, bought a $5000, 1 carat ring. Both have passed away and I inherited the ring. With money being tight, and the fact that I don't wear jewellery, I decided to take the ring to a jewellery store to sell it.

When I did, the jewellers informed me of a big black spot in the diamond. One even commented that they would never sell something like that in their store. They said it was worthless with that flaw.

I know her new husband would never have bought anything he knew was flawed! That's the kind of person he was; extremely frugal.

Kay deserves to be boycotted and I hope more & more people find out about them.

  • La
    Lawrence Aug 09, 2008

    I am a former employee of Kay Jewelers. I grew up in the Jewelry industry (my family has been in it for 110+ years). Anyway...almost every diamond you will come across will be flawed. That having been said, yes, Kay Jewelers does present their jewelry to be very high quality when in fact it is not. I could write a rather long essay on this but I don't really feel like it. My advice to anyone, regular or potential customers, is to not shop at Kay Jewelers or any other chain jewelry store and to find a nice independent jeweler. Far better quality and customer service.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Dec 01, 2008

    Do you realize that diamonds are made up of 99.9% carbon and being a 1 ct. it's hard to NOT have natural birthmarks in the diamond? Maybe he should have gotten a diamond "professional" like yourself to scope out the diamond before he bought it or looked at it under a microscope.

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  • Er
    Ergy Jan 25, 2011

    I have never purchased from Kay's before. I recently bought my mom a ring for her birthday. It fell apart within a month. All the black diamonds fell out and the ring was falling apart (literally). My mom also purchased me a ring for Christmas and within two weeks of wearing it (and i never wore it to wash dishes or shower and I do not do a lot of anything. I'm a college student I study) a jem fell out on a ring that cost around $400. TERRIBLE. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM KAYS or your jewelry will fall apart. I've read some of the other complaints and they are very similar. I spoke with customer service told them how unhappy i was with the product and because it was 2 days past the refund date (even though it took them 3 weeks to resize it) they refused to refund the ring I bought my mother. I also told customer service that the quality of the products were poor and that someone needed to be told and asked to speak with someone higher up and I was told that she was as high as I could speak with so if they continue to have bad products I will continue to try to get the message out that they are ripping off consumers and it is uncalled for to have such poor quality. I could have bought a ring that lasted longer for $10 at Walmart.

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wrong name on check

I purchased a ring with Kay jewellers and they put the wrong name on the check now they say they have no record of me buying the ring to being with the crooks Now I’m out close to three hundred dollars Because these people cant get their records right the return has my name signed on it and some else’s name they are nothing but a bunch of crooks who cant find the info on the cpu to being with plus when you buy with cash you should get the cash back we don’t wait and pay them when feel like it or send them a check to someone else’s name like another jewellers name. duh hello get your stuff right easer old coasters and update your info you crooks.

  • Ed
    e.d. Nov 21, 2008

    first, did you check your receipt for the refund before you left the store? second, if the store hasnt taken any cash in during the course of the day, they can't give you what they don't have and have to do a mailed check from the home office. 99% of the customers that come in to the store don't use cash but use credit. i'm not sure what you mean about the wrong name on the check but they would have given you a copy of the receipt and it's your responsibility to check it for correctness.

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think twice before buying something from kay jewelers

Kay Jewelers
846 Briarwood Cir
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

This Holiday season, don't shop at Kay Jewelers.

Their slogan is 'Every Kiss Begins With Kay'. It should be 'Every Kiss That Begins With Kay Ends In Tears'. They destroyed my wife's treasured watch and she was only trying to get a battery changed.

Please, think twice before buying something from Kay Jewelers.

  • Ca
    carlos meancho Dec 05, 2007

    I went to kays to shop a gift for my girlfriend but instead I was treated like I was a criminal.

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  • Dw
    Dwayne Adderley Feb 02, 2008

    I bought my wedding rings from Kays in Pembroke Pines,FL. November of 2007 I decided to settle my account in full due to some questionable billing issues. In Jan. of 2008 I recieved calls from the store manager claiming that the bank certified check I gave them never made it to their bank and that they will need another check. I called Kays Corporate and they confirmed I had a "0" balance which they confirmed by sending a statement (always get it in writing). Here we are in Feb. 2008 and Kays sends ne a bill for $2300+ (the amount of the payoff) because the store manager "lost" the check on Nov. 14th. When confronted he informed me that it was not his problem and that the possible damage to my credit score was "my problem". Why wasnt there an investigation as to the missing deposit that he claims he made? Why is he still in a position of athourity after losing such a large amount? Why must I now fight to protect my FICO score after paying off an acount more than a year early? DO NOT SHOP AT KAYS!

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  • Re
    Regina Fobbs Apr 17, 2008

    I bought a bridal set and some diamond earrings From Kay Jewelers in Northwood Mall in Ohio on April 21 2007 there warranty states for me to bring the items in every 6 months for inspection and the diamonds would be replaced free of charge. So i take them in to be inspection in October of 2007 they cleaned them and inspected them. they also did this in june of 2007 to have them resized and soder together So i go back April 16 2008 and i lost a diamond out of my ring and they state they have no record of me having my last inspection and tell me i will have to pay for the diamond to be replaced . I have bought many items from this company and i fill the should go buy there Policy and replace the diamond free of charge. as their policy states . They didnt get me a stamp stating i was in there in October and state they have no record of this but they have all the other records of me buying all there items they sold me but when it comes down to them replacing a diamond they have a problem can you please help me get my diamond replaced.

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  • We
    WendyM Mar 25, 2010

    Me and my husband purchased a bridal set within the year 2007 and also a wedding band for my husband. We paid the EXTRA for the lifetime warranty for each of the rings. We have had to return his wedding band to get it fixed because the diamonds kept falling out. We have returned it over 6 times! The last time they sent it to the corporate head quarters to be fixed. We got the ring back everything was fine. We have been taking our rings to get cleaned when we can. We don't live close to a Kay's at all so we don't go very often. Last week we noticed that a diamond yet again had fallen out of his ring! I took it to Kays and they looked at our account and we hadn't had a inspection done in 8 months on his ring. They said that it would cost $400.00 or more to replace it. The thing is I NEVER heard that the 6 month inspection was MANDATORY! Every time we have ever gone into Kays they have said "Remember you get a free cleaning an inspection for your rings every 6 months." NOT "You get a free cleaning and inspection every 6 months in order to keep your warranty up to date." Just another way for them to make money! So to everyone make sure you get your "free" inspection EVERY 6 MONTHS!

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stay away from kay jewelers!


On 05/10/06, I purchased and had installed, two watch batteries from Kay Jewelers (Columbia Mall, Bernadette Rd. Columbia, Mo.). The cost was $12.95 per battery which came with a "Lifetime Battery Warranty" clearly stated on the receipt, which I still have. I was told at the time of purchase that by paying a little more for the batteries (batteries usually cost about $9.98) they would be replaced, by Kay Jewelers, at no charge, for the lifetime of the watch.

On 06/05/07, I went into Kay Jewelers to have one of the batteries replaced (since then both batteries are dead) and they refused to honor the contract. First, I was told by some woman identifying herself as "Joanie", that they didn't have the tools to put batteries in my watch. I pointed out to her that they had the tools when they put the batteries in a year ago. Then she said that they would not put the battery in my watch because I didn't buy the watches at Kay. When I bought the batteries, purchasing the watches at Kay was never even mentioned as a criteria for the repair contract. She was shown the receipt and I told her that Kay was contractually responsible for putting batteries in my watch. I have a contract with Kay Jewelers for a lifetime of batteries for each watch. I want the contract honored by Kay.

I contacted the BBB in St. Louis Missouri who took approximately two months to tell me that my complaint was not in their jurisdiction and it had been sent along to Akron, Ohio, the headquarters of Kay. To date, I have received one letter from Akron telling me that Kay is not responding. No surprise there kiddies.

In the meantime, I emailed my complaint directly to Kay who has not responded.

Its been almost two months since this began. I have read the other complaints regarding Kay and I feel very lucky it was just a couple of watch batteries and not some priceless heirloom that they destroyed or lost.

Barbara P
Columbia, Mo.

  • Sp
    spiralsands Jun 25, 2008

    I had the same problem with Jared's. I brought two watches in for new batteries and they gave me the lifetime battery contract. The first three replacements I had no problem. Then I guess they got sick of me or something for actually using my service that I paid for and tried to tell me that my daughter's watch was not purchased at their store so it was ineligible. Tough luck Jared's. I asked for the manager and after a little searching in the computer, they relented and put a new battery in.

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  • No
    NormaNotHappy May 18, 2019

    I purchased a mother's day gift online. Order canceled twice. Transfer order canceled twice. Called corporate and they were rude and inconsiderate wanted to only offer me a $60 credit for all the issues I've encountered. They couldn't make it right to get my order before mother's day which is unacceptable! Worst experience ever with this store!!

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