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My complaint with Karate America is the way that they handle their cancellations. On short notice I received military orders to another state. As requested i provided a copy of my orders and signed some paper work.

Good to go?

Apparently not.
Three years later I find out on my credit report that I have a collections agency trying to recover over $1700 for 10 months of karate lessons in FL while I was stationed in a different state.
When I contacted Karate America they notified me that I was supposed to return a letter to them to confirm the cancellation. I have retained the same cell phone number for the past 15 years. They have a copy of my orders stating that I am NOT in FL. Yet they continued to try to find me in FL? I was not notified by the person I cancelled my contract with that I still had to pay a cancellation fee and return a letter to them. Furthermore the letter was sent and "delivered" to me a my address after I had already departed from FL. If I had known that I was to receive said letter I would have called, emailed or written a letter asking about it.

The woman I spoke with on the phone at Karate America Headquarters told me that the last few years the company was struggling. I realize we are in a recession, but the business practices they employ are probably not helping. They make customers sign year long contracts for services. The gym membership I had down the street at Planet Fitness just took a copy of my orders and I signed some paperwork, NO FEE and was done. i have been reading online about many other people having issues canceling with Karate America, especially if they are involved with the military in some way.

It is time to start treating your customers right and being more understanding of the military in a military town Karate America!

Also I would like to state that MG Credit Collections is no picnic to deal with either. Very rude and condescending.

Apr 18, 2013
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