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Kaplan University Online School / fraud, deception, coercion

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The following has been pasted on my Facebook Notes, and myspace blogs.¬es_tab=app_2347471856#!/note.php?note_id=145049068870499
It is also on myspace, and you can find me there by searching Bobby Seay with the same avatar pic, me standing next to Rodin's The Shade sculpture at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta where I am from. This is a true story with snail and email evidence in plenty to back it up and witnesses also. I need a lawyer or to hook up with a class action suit against Kaplan U. for fraud, deception and coercion.

This is the way this entire debacle went down:

Grand Canyon U. was/is a good school, but right wing evangelicals and a class in Old Testament history got on my nerves, so I decided to call Kaplan U. I was still in my Old Testament history class at the time.

I spoke with a Sr. Academic adivisor at Kaplan. I told him that before I withdrew from GCU I had to make sure I had the same loans to pay for school with Pell Grant money left over or I could not do this. I explained my lack of a job, my lack of sales with my leather work and told him where to view my art gallerys on I explained how bad the job situation in Dalton was, and told him about my resume and refs and tie and shirt and still could not get a job. I told him I thought Kaplan had a better program.

I was assured that they did, and that my transfer would be no problem.

Things got delayed as transfering from GCU took time.

I finally start classes at Kaplan. I had received an award for 9500 in Fed loans and a 5, 500 Pell Grant. I figured 6, 000 or more would still be available. I was in my third class, second quarter at GCU. Over one-third of that money should be available, and no one told me different.

After a few days of a Communications class, I talked to a financial aide advisor who sent me a financial aide plan to sign. It showed that I only had enough Fed money so that I ended up owing Kaplan $50 for the quarter. I was assured that there was more aide available. I asked why I was not receiving my max loans and Pell grant money, as this was half what I figured I should have left. I got no reply, really. To make it clear, two classes at Kaplan were costing me about 3300, more than GCU but with books included. I should have had around 1200 or more left over in a stipend check. So I thought.

I still do not understand why when you transfer from one school to another the loans are "overlapping", and what happened to the other half of my FEd money I was eligible for?

Kaplan U. offered me a Promissory Note to sign, faxed it to me. It was a zero per cent loan for 1800 dollars or so payable in monthly payments of 350 plus dollars over six months. Miss one payment you get kicked out of school and they keep all your Fed money. I thought about taking it and trying to start some leather/art business with it. REfused it, though, as too risky, and asked over and over and over why I was not getting max FED LOANS and Pell Grant?

I was told by my financial aide officer via email, and I have over a dozen long threads between me and Kaplan saved, that since I was taking 16 credits this term and 10 credits next term there was no more fed money available and I would have to seek alternative (private)

lenders. This got me very confused as I was only taking ten credits, and there were no alternative lenders for me being jobless. Also this person who sent me the mail saying this said he had talked to my father, that I was not available. DAd died in '97.

I continued to ask about max fed loans and why I was not getting what I was eligible for while Kaplan kept sending me monthly bills for 350 dollars or so for the Prommissory Note loan money I never signed for and NEVER HAVE received.

Finally, three weeks or so into class, I am sent a copy of the Promissory Note again, told to print, sign it, fax it back or be blocked from classes. Amy Dinsmore on my Facebook friend's list printed it, I signed it, and she faxed it.

The next day, having thought about this entire thing, I took the copy of the note to David Blackburn, an attorney here in Dalton. He allowed me to pull up the mail threatening to block me from classes if I did not sign this note on his office computer. It looks like coercion to me is what he said, and suggested I go to Legal Aide. I have by now, and they do not take cases like this they say.

I emailed Kaplan later the day after the Note got faxed to them, and demanded they withdraw me from classes, keep not one penny of my Federal money and leave me owing them nothing or face consequences. I demanded they cancel that Note, send me none of the money, which they never have, and withdraw me from classes immediately.

INstead they are trying to bill me for one-third of one class 1675. I still do not have a clear idea of why I was not eligible for max loans, what overlapping loans means, or any of it. One-third of one class is not 1600. They also kept 200 of my Fed money, but canceled and returned the rest.

Kaplan called Greater Works ministry one day while I was there and Jeff Puckett was still running the day shelter. They called Greater Works phone. The only way they knew I was there is because I commented so on myspace and they are/do read it and this I am sure of.

I need a lawyer and will get one as I can. I am going to sue them for not telling me about overlapping loans, that once you are enrolled in a school you are so for a year or three quarters, and all the rest including coercion. YOu cannot threaten someone with blocking them from class if they do not sign and agree to a loan they have no way of repaying. I suppose they thought the homeless bum would take the 1800 and run, leaving them with all my Fed money. NO, not this homeless crazy street character, and I have character, indeed, which is one reason I am so well disliked by so many


Briefly put.

When Sachs-Goldman testified before Congress about all the people they had ruined and scammed they had no apologies, but simply said empathy had no place in business. Neither does honesty and ethics, not with Kaplan, .not with most American corporations. A vote for the radical right this November will mean that such blatant fraud and deception as was done to me and has been done to so many in America by out of control coporates will simply continue.

Regulatory agencys to protect consumers, even under Obama and the dems, are weak and almost powerless, and the right wing has made them so for years now. Kaplan knows well there is almost nothing I can do about any of this. Every email between me and them was forwarded, long threads, to the FSA, FAFSA, and FED Direct loans and some were to the Justice Dept. No one has said one thing back to me about any of it.

The question may be asked, what was their point to any of this? They will never collect a penny from me, for if and when I get a job and could be paying them, I will be hiring a lawyer and suing the hell out of them instead. What is the point of harassing a homeless crazy street character and scamming him so? Am I to pay them in food stamps as I asked them?

The answer is there is no point. NO point to any of it other than insane greed and lack of honesty and ethics to a point that it is absolutely destroying AMerica, the world, and the wicked doing so in the name of "caveat emptor" or any other excuse are absolutely committing suicide for themselves as well. Not just their children but themselves unless they are very much older, say in their late 60s or more. When the crops fail and the fresh water gets critically short, by the end of this decade as things begin to get grim, indeed, what good is 900, 000 dollars of worthless paper you cannot eat or drink going to do anyone. That, as Huffington Post reports today, is what some of the whining Wall Streeters make an hour as they accuse Obama of being a Nazi for trying to put regulations back in place on them to protect consumers, the country, and the world from thier insane greed.

The Huffington Post article I posted is great. The statistics and facts not arguable, as are many statistics and facts by now not arguable, that never were anyway. From global warming to pot laws, to gay rights and many other issues we have been, as a society, stupid beyond belief to the point of blind insanity for a long, long time. We will pay, are paying, and this is just the beginning of the dire consequences, this first, hottest year in history of the decade of disaster.

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      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Kaplan University online school - financial aid
    Fort Lauderdale
    United States

    I just enrolled with Kaplan University, the day before i was suppose to be starting my classes for a degree as an assoicate for midical assisstant, my account was disabled in i got a e-mail saying that my file is incomplete, that i could contact them right away, well i tried calling and e-mailing them but i never heard nothing back, and i have already recived my text book, taken out two loans that equal about 10 thousand plus my intrest rate i have to pay back, i just advise anyone who is thinking about this college to check into it a little bit more, because thanks to them im going to be in debit .

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