Just Answer (USA)legal services re collecting a debt of $1,000

Order (case) # : [protected]

Earlier on today I submitted a complaint about Just Answer (USA) whom I had found on Google & had turned to in order to try & retrieve a debt of $1, 000 owed by an Australian plumber in Victoria.

I cannot find that complaint now. It was about two amounts of AUS $5 & AUS $76 which were taken from my credit card account at the same time even though Just Answer specified the $5 would be taken first as a deposit, & then the $76 later on after my queries had been resolved.

After having waited for 15 minutes & received no answer, I realised that Just Answer was an American company & may not be fully versed on Australian law. I decided to cancel my credit card & requested a refund without wanting to listen to any advice forthcoming from their lawyers.

* After another half an hour I decided to make a complaint, NOT out of spite but solely because I did not want other trusting people to lose their hard earned money like myself. *

I later discovered that Just Answer informed me that they had notified my bank that they would CANCEL the 2 amounts that were pending to be debited from my credit card bank account.

THANK YOU Just Answer, & may I say with a sigh of relief. I dared not read the advice submitted by your lawyers just in case you refused to refund my monies even though you had asserted to the contrary.

* Nevertheless I will in future be very reticent in providing my credit card details to companies online because I may not be so lucky next time. AND I also alert others who are reading this message to be more careful *

A very big THANK YOU also to Complaintsboard, without you we would have no recourse to voice our complaints & feedback. You also provide a preventative measure for others NOT to fall into deep pools of trouble, mainly financial.

Sep 25, 2017

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