Just AnswerI am complaining about just answer and the computer technicians

I rang and April spoke briefly and put me onto a technician this happened not once but twice and when the problem reoccurred I had enough. I was charged and could not be bothered getting back to you, rang again same speal another technician not fixed after ages gave up angry now asked for refund. Again the other day had reason to contact you after April onto technician and told him I wasn't going to pay and actually was rude to him. H is name was Justin and he continued to talk to me explained whole situation he went out of his way and spent close to an hour and wow it is fixed. I told Justin that i was sorry for my rudeness but when you are unemployed as I am you do not like getting ripped off, so he advised me to let you know about the situation and you may possibly give me a refund for the previous messes. It would be greatly appreciated as my computer was not fixed nor the problem solved until recently with Justin please consider this.

Dec 30, 2016

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