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Juniper Bank / Crooked Bank

1 MO, United States


Horrific Juniper Bank. Tried to use Juniper's online system to pay credit card monthly payment (very first month). Their system did not credit my payment through...after I had followed all of its miserable instructions. What a creative money sieve. Reading all these other complaints...This is a truly cheat bank system...Barclays, Delaware, Joe Biden connections, whatever it is.

Customer service..."Customer Service"...has the easy out and non assistance (trained) individuals to easily dismiss your claim and move on with their day with no way to help you. Sorry sir, your rate is now such and such, and you are delinquent. That will be $39 additional for your problem, and a new higher rate. Sorry.

Luckily I can still get the hell away from this bank, but some poor schnookered people won't be able to get away from them and it's another example of the implosion from within that is hidden from sight...and we all suffer. Fat cats laughing all the way to the bank...and these poor bank customer service laughable what they are stuck to do.

Stay away from Juniper and watch out for them all.


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