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I have been shopping with JTV for almost 6yrs. However, the last 2 yrs. have been PIT-A-FULL. They claim to be the biggest in the business and that is why they can offer such low prices. Well low prices come with junk. I got 10Kt gold bead stud earrings for $20.00 plus s/h, around $7. They were nice but I got to wear them 2x's in the 30day return policy. They broke. Then I ordered a few watches, yes a little cheaper then other shopping networks, but their s/h is higher than any other, they send out watches with dead batteries! duh! Also their auction site stinks, I won an item and someone canceled it at the auction site, I called, they said no other method of payment? I asked what that meant, they told me the card did not go through!!! I explained to them that that account always has a min. of $500.00, this purchase was for only $22.95, I also told them that I would fax or mail my statement showing this. I was told no. I think because this item sales on their site for approx $33.00 and I won it at $18.00 someone just made a mistake on purpose. I talked to 4 different people, I even offered to pay $18 plus the s/h if they would offer me a comparable item for the price I won at auction because it was not my mistake. NO THEY SAID, so I e-mailed the owner asking for some kind of resolution, e-mailed him approx 3-4xs, never heard from him. What a fool, he would rather lose a good customer, than to someway come up with an agreeable solution!! dumb!

In any event, They were not to bad in the beginning, but now you never know what you are going to get. I order earrings once and they sent me a really cheap necklace, the shipping order was correct, but the item was not, this happens a lot now. Also, if you really want to know what you got, take it somewhere, they claim their prices are anywhere from 2 to 5x's lower than retail...NOT. I got the same if not better stuff at K-mart and it did not break on me or have dead batteries, etc. If you want to see the true color of your gemstone in a setting, have it popped. I got a kunzite, they set it in rose gold, hmm brings out more of a pinkish tint, since I know that gemstones, when set in a casting or semi-mount is approx 30% darker, I popped it and THERE WAS NO PINK IN THE STONE, NONE, ZIP. So are we really getting a great deal, I don't think so. I have seen a lot of jewelry that I got from JTV on other sites, maybe a little more expensive, but they arrive in good shape, the color is what they showed on TV, these sites use white background, JTV does not!!! If they show you a blue stone, the host is usually wearing blue, black, etc., and it is shown on a black background...PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!!!A DEAL HMMM NO!


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