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JP Morgan Chase / fraud

1 Bronx, NY, United States

Last month my chase debit card was stolen along with my wallet and cell phone. I waited until the next day to report my stolen cards to the bank just in case it was found in the market I was shopping in. Sadly nothing was found so I call the bank and report them stolen and request to cancel my debit card. While I am calling chase the operator tells you your account balance and I remember I had an exact $3, 862 in my checkings account to later find out I was down $500 from a transaction made at an ATM. Once I speak with the chase representative I quickly point out the missing money from my account and I tell them it was not me and that I will want to make a claim. The claim was made and I was told I would receive a temporary credit of $500 until the back office investigates my claim. Exactly 3 days later I receive my $500 and a letter from chase notifying me my claim has been approved. Great I thought to myself this was a fast process and I was glad to get my money back but things changed on the next week when I make a deposit I find out again I'm down $500 dollars once again so I call the bank to ask what went wrong. The claims department tells me my claim was denied after they tell me it was approved the week before I ask them why and the representative tells me it was because the transaction was made around my geographical area meaning I made a deposit at that bank or a bank near by more then 1 time before. This is ridiculous I request another claim and I tell them to please try to check their cameras at the ATM so they can clearly see it wasn't me who made it. A week goes by and I receive a letter from chase saying my claim was valid and approved once again. Later on I call the bank to follow up but I was told the claim was denied for a second time. This was really ridiculous and a shame that the bank I've been with for so many years can't give you a direct answer this is very unprofessional and I will never bank with them again.

Sep 2, 2017

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