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Jo Ann Fabrics / osha violations

1 United States

I am a former employee of Jo Ann Fabrics and I filed an OSHA complaint and violations were found. The violations that were found were mouse droppings, entry ways into the building were rodents can get in, an unstable wall, an out of code ladder, shelf fixtures that were not properly stored, and more. I also complained about a leaking roof. The store manager let the roof leak for many years which could expose people to mold. The leaking roof was not found because m the inspection was done during dry weather conditions. There were recalls on products that contained lead paint but little was done to inform customers except post a note by the check out that sometimes was not up. For many years unsold products were not donated but destroyed and put into the dumpster. I asked management why things were not donated and they said too much paper work but later the started donating unsold items. The store manager let a relative work at the store for "free'" which kept the other employees hours down but possible gave her a bonus .

Jun 7, 2013

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