Jewelry Television (JTV)mystic (r) green topaz 10kt yellow gold stud earrings 2.66ctw

I placed this order (Order # [protected]) with the knowledge that the item was IN STOCK... I paid the extra money to have the item OVERNIGHTED so that I would not have to worry all week about it being on time. A couple days later when I checked the order status I was FURIOUS, the estimated delivery was 05/19/17... I placed the order 05/08/17 & PAID OVERNIGHT FEES how the hell does overnight = 10/11 days? So when I FINALLY got a hold of someone in customer service (through chat because apparently the phone lines are experiencing issues) they told me that "just because it says IN STOCK online online doesn’t mean we have it here, we sometimes have to get it from another warehouse & then we ship it out to you" WHAT??? No where did it say that when I was placing my order that it was gonna take almost 2 weeks to get an OVERNIGHT order! Needless to say I was NOT happy about this, it is now the 2nd time JTV has screwed me over on an order & after the first time I told myself I would NOT do it again, but this was for a Mother's Day gift, something my mother really wanted so I gave it one more shot & you STILL BLEW IT! I will NEVER EVER order from this worthless company again & will tell anyone & everyone I know to NEVER order from here.

May 10, 2017

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