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On 14 November 2017 I had taken my husband to have a chest x-ray done in Schaumburg. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. The doctor sent a prescription for him to our Osco Pharmacy in Elk Grove Village. It took us about 15-20 minutes to get to the Osco.

I left him in the car and ran into Osco. I spoke with the pharmacist Michael Vock to ask if the prescription had been filled yet. (This was my second trip within a 1 hour period to get a prescription for my husband and the same pharmacist Michael Vock was there earlier and gave me instructions, complete with attitude, on how my husband should take the meds).

Anyway, Michael Vock informed me that the prescription was not filled yet and I would have to wait like everyone else. I asked Michael Vock if it was possible to put a rush on filling the prescription, because I had my husband in the car. He stated no, that I would have to wait and I asked about how long it would be until the prescription was filled. He stated that I would have to wait at least 20 minutes.

With that I left the store to take my husband home. After getting my husband into the house and settled, which took some time, I then returned to Osco to retrieve the prescription.

Again, I had to deal with Michael Vock . This man is rude and condescending when giving instructions regarding the taking of medication. Granted my husband nor I had taken this prescription before, but there was no need for him to "talk down" to me. That is why he is the pharmacist, to explain how things work for those of us that are not familiar with medications!

This man has absolutely no compassion or people skills.

As I was leaving the store I saw 2 of the front end managers and they asked me if everything was ok. I told them of my awful experience with Michael Vock and that I certainly hoped that he would not be our new pharmacist. I was then informed that he was a "Floater" and that he had been quite rude to the front end manager when he came to retrieve the key to the pharmacy earlier in the day (but that's not my story to tell)

When a customer is dealing with an illness with a loved one they do not need someone to look down their nose at them as if they were superior. I certainly hope that you will reconsider sending Michael Vock back to the Osco pharmacy in Elk Grove Village!

Fortunately my husband and I are very healthy and have very few dealings with the pharmacy. In the past you had a wonderful man named Steve (who has since passed away) that was the manager at the Elk Grove pharmacy. Steve was wonderful and compassionate with the customers.

Perhaps it's time to send Michael Vock for some customer service skill training. I certainly hope that I never have to deal with him again, especially during such a stressful event.


  •   Nov 18, 2017

    I think the stress of the event is coloring your perception. First let me explain that the pharmacist, whether attached to the store or a floater, is not controlled by the management. They are controlled by the law and the state board of pharmacy. Second, when a pharmacist is explaining the importance of how to take medication you admit you do not know anything about, it is the pharmacist who will be liable if something happens to you or your husband in the taking of the drug if he does not explain it. Third, the customers in the pharmacy come before any call ins. That is just common sense. You are actually lucky to have a pharmacist that takes your health and needs seriously.

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