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There are certain some amazing pharmacist and then there are those that are making alot of us switch to Walgreens. By hurassing and judging, most won't go in for to be criticized . It is hard enough to take certain medications but last time a checked how is that a woman such a pharmacist can make that judgment?! And actually be okay with heeled knowing shes not a good person. You don't jusge, and also being a pharmacisr it isn't your job to point out flaws or belittle.or spread personal information or make a scene? Because of what you flagged or your fault . Maybe treated people respectfully no would be so scared to hear and some most hatr you. My you don't know or have damn clue what anyone has been through, so don't shame people. Obv.rhey are prescribed it for a reason - I'm a doctor and I get ashamed rgy time even told I took two pills in my mouth and the three in Butt - excuse me? Disrectful jusr because I have a hard couple years which doesn't you. I made it through more school than you have however maybe I am proud of what I have been through its hell, you know because you shared my rape story thanks though! As the world not mean enough? You clarify me as an addict. Tell how does thing word .Take me an addict ? Bc for fours now I go there and no siddneky your crazy and mean and those certain other people such the younger generation MAYBE they won't be able to handle your bullying your bs your judgment . It's all over you say it just at know that your jotnonkyme but what person, what would tonyiurselr if that young girl went that day and bc of your words did something? A S I said I am stronger than you obv. Bc i dint judge in think ur good? Honestly I feel confident that you shouldn't be in any thing do to health. Because you effect so many people by ur attitude and who gives you that right but I vet ( oh I know bc my patients older adults ? You do not hqref you want - you forgot I can see the database but I didn't that so syou pread my peeeonal history? Ye ryou forgot I'm a neuro surgeon is my specialty atleast I have faith and I have heart and I don't judge . Just because I grt certain prescriptions filled does not make w weak look in mirror. Your the face that's going to change normal someones day, pray you contain ur thought on us WEAK sad addicts ( oh wait rape victims which you assume ) you don't ever speak to ME or anyone thst way. We wonder what happened to you? Tpnmk so mean and belittle rape victims because we're all so messed up right .. oh Lord I forgot your god Right! Wrong
Don't judge for shame imdont want to clean up YOUR messes form these little fields that thinking about killing themselves because you judged me the person ubdknt know I get r patients - and guess what
They are ashamed I ask why bc of you . You kjownwho you are. Not just rape age perhaps don't Assssume I won't tell tell another parent there kid was bullied and also was bullied by the pharmacy - YOU. I was protecting you. But Now you crossed a line YOU changed that families life forever and I couldn't save her. She did in such horrible way. Did mention anything to her? I will make you always member that girl. She was 16 years man!

Wake up! Your a busy and just bc you fill scripts don't judge ur worse off. Your sad . Pathetic

I'll be praying. You. I pray you find somfething aith god make sure you can still see the good in. People. Maybe ten quit

Dec 06, 2017
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      Jan 11, 2018

    What, I can't even understand what this person is saying. Every other word is not spelled correctly, and the grammar. I was interested in reading your complaint but I can't even understand it. I think you should try to repost to get your message across.

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