Jewel-Osco / manager attitude

Wauconda, IL, United States

My name is Kathy Srednicki and my Brother Timothy Byrd has been shopping at Jewel in wauconda for years. This year he has been fighting lukemia and recently has been able to go short distances to jewel without help to shop. He is very susceptible to getting very ill if exposed to sickness from others due to his immune system. He must wear a mask over his mouth and medical gloves to prevent exposure. Upon entering jewel Osco in wauconda last week a male manager approached my brother in a rude manner and asked him to take his mask off. My brother was very insulted that this was the behavior after he even explained why he was wearing it. This attitude is appalling to me since I almost lost my brother to this illiness and I too have shopped here for him when he was ill because he likes this store . Please ask your managers to be more sensitive to others in the future . If I find out the name of this manager I will personally confront him about this because I am very upset about this situation!

Very pissed off !!

Kathy Srednicki sister if Tim Byrd email [protected]@

Oct 23, 2017

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