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I just ran to jewel to get some gift cards for prizes I'm giving out today for my staff. They totaled $110. I had my CASH out and ready to pay when the lady (Diane) says, "hold on". She calls some other lady (I'm assuming the manager at the customer service counter) and says "I have someone purchasing $110 in mixed gift cards, can I do this with her?" She then says "YES, SHE LOOKS NORMAL" - what? I'm advised her that I was paying cash. Diane then said "oh, well you look normal so it's fine. There's a lot of scams going on".
Seriously? It's $110, not $500 or $1000 and I was paying CASH. Scammers pay with credit card. And normal?! What does that mean? Compared to what? Was I considered normal because I look white? Because I'm a 30-something female? If I had a disability, or a different colored skin tone? Or maybe if I was too skinny or too fat or too tired looking, would I still be considered "normal"? Also, I was able to over look the fact that Diane ignored two customers in front of me because she was chatting with a coworker that was going to to lunch (who was also in line buying something), but then to be completely made to feel like I was doing something wrong by purchasing from your store. I am so offended that I will never step into this store again. I, as the consumer, should have NEVER heard that conversation between your employees.

Oct 31, 2017
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  • Ke
      Nov 02, 2017

    I have been a long-time customer of yours for 35 to 40 years. And have been in the grocery business most of my life and have own stores as big as yours. But for the life of me I cannot understand why you waste your money on Advertising items in the paper but when you get to the store you never have them. I don't understand why you cannot order enough it's not as though you won't sell the extra later that you ordered. Remember I been in the grocery business so I know exactly how it works. Do you realize how many customers you lose by not having the items that you advertised. When they read your ad the next time they say why bother you wouldn't have it any how. You end up losing more customers by running your business like this. Then if you would just advertised things that you are definitely going to have. I do really like shopping at your stores and always have. But someone needs to take care of this problem.

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