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I was scheduled to fly to Bangkok during the airport closure in early Dec 08. My flight from Singapore was cancelled, and I was left stranded at Changi. I eventually flew home to AU (not to BKK) via another airline. I still have not been refunded for the cancelled flight - it has been over 6 MONTHS!!! Everytime i call, i'm told it's "being processed" and i am to wait a couple of weeks. This has been going on for months now. I never get to speak to anyone in authority or with any control over the situation - i am just stuck with the call centre who are unable to do anything except tell me that the cheque is in the mail. I am SO FRUSTRATED at the shoddy service.

The worst part is i still have a ticket for BKK to MEL, that i was hoping to use some other time (i can't do anything with it other than postpone the departure date) but i'm so angry with Jetstar i don't want to fly with them - but they won't refund the ticket.

There has to be SOMETHING i can do about this, but i dont know what :(

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      Dec 01, 2009

    I am also having problems with them. I booked a flight and chose to pay by electronic bank transfer as i thought it would be a safer option than entering my credit card details. Stupidly (my mistake) i used reference 'jetstar airways' instead of my booking reference. I contacted them immediately & they said payment would bounce back within 3 business days because i didnt use a sufficient booking reference & that i would have to make another payment within 24 hrs (using correct reference) so my booking doesnt get cancelled. Two weeks has passed, no payment, i have spent MORE than 8hrs on the phone to them, have made OVER 30 phone calls to them (no joke either!) & have sent about 6 faxes to them with copies of my bank transactions/receipts. I was told many times that they didnt get my fax (big lie!) & that i would have to send again (which meant i had to drive to my parents house to send each fax all because they 'couldnt find it!). Last week i spoke to a very nice girl who finally found my fax & passed it on to the finance department. She said it would take 3 business days for the finance department to sort out. This was a week ago. I have contacted Jetstar each day for the last 3 days & they keep promising to return my call. And guess what... Nope they dont call me! Its not there money, its my money.

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