Jetstar / excess baggage overcharged

New South Wales, Australia

I checked two bags in at the Jestar counter, they weighed the first bag and didn't notice that I had another bag for snow skis. they weighed both bags again and said that my luggage was 8 kilos overweight. I know that my skis, including the poles and bag only weighed 6.5 kilos total. I complained about it but was told either pay up or don't fly, your choice! On arriving in Japan I went to the post office and weighed my skis to be sure of the weight.
On my return to Australia, I had more luggage than before and was not charge an excess. When I complained about this to Jetstar they would not even entertain my complaint. They offered me a voucher. I didn't want a voucher...I just wanted a chance to prove that I was right.

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