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I wanna voice out on this very recent incident which i think is totally unagreeable as a comsumer. I had just book 3 seats to vietnam HCM city. One of my friend back out as he had a appointment to attend. So we decided to change to another fri.

-Making the whole scenario short.
First time i call the airline, it told me a name change would cost me $50. Which is half of my ticket price(for a name change). i find it expensive but since we had to get the name change done, my fri agreed! Second time i call up the airline, the female operator told me I would be charge additionally $140 dollars instead of the first operatoe who told me $50. We had a small arguement over there! I told her why not u ask ur higher authority to ans this call. She replied there no higher authority around as it after office hours. Fine! Tell ur higher authority to give me a call tomorrow. Here what she replied, your ticket was bought on a special promo price, our higher authority will not give you a call.I am wondering so this is what we get for flying on budget airlines where they spend millions each year on advertising their airfares and services.( serve me right for flying budget- JETSTAR). The third time i call, this kind lady operator did excellent- she told me here the breakdown,
-SOP(standard operation procedure)$40 for name change/$50 for change(some admin charge) plus rebook on the airticket, whichever price that is shown on the current air price $150. Total add up to $240.
As a comsuer i am paying $300/3pax(promo rate).So per pax at the promo price is $100(right)? Now i need to pay additional $140 for a name change. A NAME CHANGE will cost the ticket price from a promo price $100 to $240. which as a comsumer i find it totally ridiculous. It totally HIDDEN cost.
-JETSAR operator REALLY has good/excellence customer service SOP.(make me wanna slam my head on the wall)
I wanna let this known to other comsumer who want to fly JETSTAR to think twice. Once you book your tickets, dont make any changes or u gona be paying commercial price on a budget flight.

*Last very important!
There is no customer feedback e-mail you can write to. If you wanna do some feedbacks? do the traditional way, use a pen and write in. I do wonder in this modern days a carrier airline got no email for feedback. How good and fast their service will be.

-I only wanna voice out my discontent and let this matter be known. I can be assure this is my first time flying JETSTAR and my LAST. Hopefully my experience can provide some infomations to others.

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  • Pe
      16th of Apr, 2009
    Jetstar airline - irresponsible service
    penchan sherer

    We have a complain about jetstar airline. I and my husband bought tickets from Bkk to New Zealand and return.
    The company provided us with tickets to Melbourne Australia, and from there a flight to Christchurch.
    Flight details: Date: 16/10/08; The flights information is: JQ30 from BKK to Melbourne on the 16/10/08, continue with flight JQ171 from Melbourne to Christchurch on the 17/10/08. Back from Christchurch to Melbourne flight JQ156 on the 30/10/08 and from Melbourne to BKK with flight JQ29 on 30/10/08.
    When we came to the BKK airport on the 16/10/08 to take the flight to Melbourne, the agents told us we cannot fly to Australia, for we are going to stay there for more than 8 hours. Therefore we need a visa for Australia.
    We were not able to get a refund or change the flights with your company. So the agents advised us to buy new tickets that will enable us to stay for less than 8 hours in Australia.
    We bought such tickets with Pacific Blue Airlines from Melbourne to Sidney and from Sidney to Christchurch. However, when we came back to the counter we were told that these tickets are not good, for we are going to Sidney and thus stay in Australia for more than 7 hours.
    We ended up buying new tickets for the next day from Cathay Pacific which included a flight from BKK to Hong Kong and from there to Auckland. So we had no problem with a visa to Australia.
    Our complain deals with the mere fact that jetstar company provided us with tickets to Australia that could be used only if we would have a visa to Australia, but didn’t bother to tell us anything about this fact. So we were surprised to learn that we need a visa for Australia at the airport. Moreover, your agents refused to reimburse us and gave us an unclear advice about other tickets we should buy (just told us that we should live Melbourne in about 6 hours.
    By this unclear advice we lost more money. We think all of this is a result of the wrong doing and irresponsible service to sell such ticket. Jetstar should tell the customers that the tickets sold require a visa – in all such cases. Not leave it for the last minutes and than refuse to reimburse the customer.
    We wrote the letter to the company to complaint and for reimbursment but no answer from them at all. We want to tell everyone who intend to buy the ticket be take our story for the considerations.
    I am trying to sue them, any suggestions???
    Thank you.

    Dr. Penchan Sherer.

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  • Ch
      19th of Apr, 2009

    Penny it is up to you to find out about the visa requirnments before you travel. This is made plain clear in the terms and conditions of Jetstar as well as all other airlines. When you did your booking there is a message to let you know it is your responsibility to organise visa etc. Sorry but your a big girl now and you need to take some responsibility for your actions and not have a whinge about what was basically your mistake.
    Putting that aside most pepole can get a visa on arrival in Australia so you should have maybe tried that avenue.
    Im assuming you had a visa for NZ organised so therefore organising one for Australia would have been real easy to do.
    Better luck next time

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  • Pe
      19th of Apr, 2009

    Thank for your comment. However i insisted that there was no information regarding visa for transit in Australia ( i know well about having visa to go into any country but not for transit), that is my issue. I think the Jetstar should put this information on the ticket or inform us.

    here is the infor in my ticket

    Times - are the local times at the relevant airport.
    JetSaver - JetSaver fares are non-refundable. Cancellations at any time or failure to check-in for a Jetstar flight leaving from domestic terminals
    at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure, or for Jetstar flights leaving from international terminals at least 60 minutes
    before the scheduled departure may result in the fare being forfeited.
    * Fare rules - see following pages.
    Check-in - you must check in on time. See flight information on the following pages.
    Payment - pre-payment is required for your flights. Jetstar may not carry you if we have not received your payment.

    So ho can i know i suppose to do visa for only transit in Australia, by the way, the jetstar staff didn't inform me about visa on arrival, just told me to buy a new one or leave this flight. We also called to the Australia migrant to ask for my case, they didn't suggest us for this issue at all .

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  • De
      30th of Apr, 2009

    The airline should inform passenger when purchasing a ticket for any country that may need a transit visa. Many country have different regulations for transit and in different time of transit.

    To me the airline must inform this issue to passenger since they know that how long the passenger have to wait for their next flight and transit visa is need for this case

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  • Ch
      2nd of May, 2009

    Deeda you must be thick
    Airlines do let pepole know that organising visas for the countries that you visit is the responsiability of the individual.Its in their terms and conditions as well as common knowledge. Airlines sell tickets on their planes they are not a one stop shop.
    People need to take responsiability for thier travel which means its your responsiability to organise visas, vaccinations, money trabsfers, accomadation, etc etc.
    You say that the airlines know how long you have to wait for thier next flight. What a load of bolocks. You have that information when you are given a ticket it is up to you to know wheather or not you need visas, accomadation or whateva when you stop.
    Pepole you need to take responsiability for your lives and stop being so mothered and take some intiative.

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  • Ke
      12th of Jul, 2009
    Jetstar airline - JetStar Service is Damn Suck!!

    The service provided by JETSTAR was a REAL SUCK! Our family vacation from Malaysia to Australia and New Zealand supposed to be delightful but we were disappointed with JETSTAR when we travelled from Sydney to Melbourne, taking flight numbered JQ611 on June 2009.

    The service provided by the two lady crews at the check-in counter was extremely bad. Initially, we were told that we had cabin baggages exceeding stipulated limits at 10kg. To avoid excessive weight compound, we then threw away all brochures and souvenirs and had all cabin baggages within the limit, yet the lady crews insisted us to have our baggages checked in. 19 people with 19 baggages, is that too much? The two lady crews even threatened us that they wouldn’t allow us to be on board if we didn’t have all our baggages checked in. Not only we as adults felt being humiliated and insecure, our children were frightened and started to question us. To avoid commotion, we then negotiated with the lady crews and come to a conclusion where we paid AU$ 240 for 6 checked in baggages. We felt even disappointed of being discriminated as we saw the same lady crew allowed a Caucasian carrying his huge baggage to be on the same flight with us, which its baggage dimension apparently is excessive.

    On top of that, please don’t be fooled by the destination halted in Melbourne. Always make sure that you choose the flight that arrives at Tullamarine airport and not Avalon airport, as Tullamarine airport is the international airport. Avalon is about 60 kilometer from Melbourne’s City Centre.
    We are seasonal travelers and we travel minimum 3 times a year. We have experienced taking various kind of airlines and this was the first time that we encountered such unreasonable difficulties offered by JETSTAR. This will be our last time travelling with JETSTAR. And I DON’T recommend people to travel with this lousy service airline.

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  • Ai
      11th of Feb, 2010

    This happens when you get a really good deal... Just cut your losses and buy a new ticket. End of story. Cheap fares have VERY strict rules. Most don't allow any changes at all, so you will need to figure out what's cheaper: buy a new ticket or pay whatever they want to charge you...

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  • Fr
      5th of Mar, 2010

    Promotional fares are cheap fare and strictly adhere to the terms and conditions of purchase. It happened to Lion Air as well as many other budget airlines.

    Early this week, I booked a promotional air-fare for my maid to return home in Indonesia by Lion Air. I used my credit card to purchase the ticket online. It cost S$100 from Singapore-Jakarta-Surabaya. I wrongly keyed in my own name as passenger. I realised the mistake almost immediately after clicking the submission. I called up the reservation staff to report the error. She said that she couldn't help me at all. I rushed down in a cab from SengKang to Lion Air office at Stamford Court. The taxi fare cost me almost S$20. After bargaining with the counter staff there, they said I only will get back 50% refund in 1 to 2 months' time. Meanwhile, I had to pay for the new ticket at S$100. Now, I can only wait for the S$50 refund to come. What can you say. Bad service or absolutely no after-sale service?

    One has to be very careful and extremely sure before making confirmation of budget fare because there is strictly no refund.


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  • Fr
      13th of Mar, 2010

    What is the moral of the story? You pay peanuts and you get monkeys! I have worst experiences with other budget airlines but for Jetstar I can at least have their service commitments to rely on, which the other budget airlines don't talk about. One must compare apple with apple and only then one will say Jetstar is best among all...among the budget carriers of course!

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  • Bi
      10th of Apr, 2011

    Title: My explanation about this event: I put my bag on legs and then expelled by Jetstar Airline.
    jetstar directed wrong - the evidence of the false flight safety: the indicating figure showed that the bag size should be wide to knee, but, the flight attendant showed me a wrong direction, and said that the figure is wrong.

    YEO KOK HUA: This captain of Jetstar humiliated this customer. His first, second and last sentence were all “get out!”
    The first, the second and the last sentence were “get out!”, but the other sentences changed to “get off! You, get off this aircraft!” which were totally unacceptable. Besides, he pointed his finger at me in front of more than 200 people; his face was so fierce and his action humiliated me! This means the crime of public insult in law.
    See all:

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  • Yu
      16th of Aug, 2011

    i had called the contact that they post for 'contact us' ..i called up so many times but still cant contact to customer service, i wanted to ask them where is my booking reference number.i bought the ticket online yesterday, my card transaction is done, but the booking reference cant show to me.i dont know whether my booking is confirm or not.
    i feel the jetstar company put on the fake contact. so that, if got complaint from guests they will not get any respossible for it.i hope, jetstar company can look at this comment and reply me asap, and please leave the contact number here! Lastly i hope the jetstar company can check my booking reference and i wanna know is it confirm for my booking! urgent!

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  • Em
      21st of Nov, 2011
    Jetstar airline - Atrocious service & lost luggage
    New South Wales

    Newcastle to the Gold Coast and return, Our luggage was lost and we also had the worst experience outward but coming home with a husband having heart surgery tomorrow we had a terrible experience then when our luggage was found it got no better. No explanation why our luggage was sent to Tokyo then Melbourne then back to Newcastle. The girl Michele at Newcastle airport last night rang to say our cases were coming then, then 10mins later rang back to say they were not coming till this morning Tuesday when I went off the rails about that she hung up on me so Michele at Jetstar Williamtown this surely that is not good customer relations, she didn't help our anger one little bit. We didn't stuff up JETSTAR, you did

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