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Jetstar tue may 15, 2018 JQ37
My name is Librayanti Kooyman
And my partner name
Is Anthony Hodges
(He is suffering from COPD)
When we tried to check-in the woman at the counter was rude to us that she had for this about our baggage made me who which I am so as I am suffering from chronic obstructive Palmaury disease and fix it up and I have trouble breathing and my partner was very upset, our bags put stuff back in eventually we had to pay a lot of money and she was rude when I got on board she put as the incomplete separate seats as we were up In the airlines and as I'm suffering from long disease and have trouble breathing when I went as she was down the back of the plane and they put me out the front she was really nasty for doing that when I asked for assistance as I couldn't breath
I wasn't allowed to sit down in the chair at the back they stuck me standing up next to some little vent they didn't offer me any assistance but didn't help at all they didn't try to arrange someone else to sit so my woman could sit next to me and care for me but I was suffocating they didn't offer me any help to get off the plane wheelchair or anything when we travel with virgin they were completely opposite they help to support this they set me up the back they gave me oxygen they got a wheelchair for me that looked after me as I was nearly dying you ruined our trip was disgusting we were so upset at the count of the woman The woman at the counter was just don't argue with me did it it it it it it so when ruined our trip thank you very much and when we got on board they weren't didn't help me at all I was I was suffering I couldn't breath they just ignored us and we are rude and when I went up the back to talk to my partner and they wouldn't do anything to help me I need to sit down they wouldn't even let me sit down and one of the better we are in one of the schedule this for us they didn't help me at with anything it was disgusting six hours of hell on your plane will never fly with you guys again and if we don't get some some sort of restitution for this we will go public with your [censored]

We really mean it
If your company don't do anything about this
We will send this letter to the news
/world wide public complaint

  • Updated by Anthony Hodges, May 28, 2018

    We are not Happy with Jetstar
    Out last trip to Bali on May 15 2018

May 28, 2018
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  •   May 29, 2018

    The above fairy tail has nothing common with any air carrier - no indication of the travel attached.

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