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My wife and I ordered a refrigerator in November with Avery Nolan. She was going to be "our go to person". She could get anything done that we needed. If we needed more time while our house was being built, we just had to let her know. We found out our house would actually be completed early and spoke to Avery in December to move our delivery date up. She called us back to confirm that it was moved forward and the refrigerator would be delivered on the new date. The day before our order was supposed to be delivered, I called to confirm. There was no delivery scheduled, although Avery confirmed with us that it was. After involving a different department manager, our order was delayed yet another week. Delivery date came, and the refrigerator came damaged. We sent it back due to the damage as it had a large dent on the front freezer door. The delivery company called two days later to confirm the new delivery date. The day before the delivery was set to arrive, again I had to call and confirm. I was told that there was no delivery scheduled. We reached out to our go to person, Avery once again. She told us she would follow up with us. Again, we did not hear back from Avery. I contacted Avery once again and was told to contact Samsung as they were the ones I bought the refrigerator from. I told Avery that was unacceptable, and she needed to contact Samsung, and the delivery company as we paid JC Penny's for this refrigerator. She then proceeded to hang up on me and I then followed up with your corporate on this continuing issue. Not very professional of your sales associate to do this to a customer!
It is now March, and we have not received the refrigerator we ordered in November. It has been scheduled with us 4 times including today, but we have yet to have a refrigerator. We have had to speak with the delivery company, corporate, the store, and Samsung directly in total 10 plus people. There has been no resolution. I spoke to Rick at your contracted delivery company this evening before calling corporate again. He was unprofessional, rude, and unwilling to listen to my problem. From a business perspective, he is not an individual that I would want representing my company, and if this is how their business is run, maybe this contract should be rethought.
Supposedly, tomorrow the delivery company, HDL at [protected], is going to work to resolve our problem. Needless to say, we have no confidence and I'm very angry and will not do business with your company after this incident again. Our family had been lifelong customers, but is this is how business is conducted, we will go some where else to do business.
Scott Camp

Mar 10, 2017

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