JCPenney / salon services

Rockaway Township New Jersey, US

Over the years my family has purchased furniture, housewares, etc at Rockaway. I have used the hair salon, which I find overpriced, but good...until last Friday.
My instruction to Maryanne (the "stylist") was not to cut my hair too short, but with the first snip of the scissors, my wish was ignored. I thought "it’ll grow back." However her diatribe that accompanied the haircut was not so forgivable...a bitter tirade about the immorality of interracial marriages, gays, black people, millennials, etc. I tried to mollify her with my "live and let live" beliefs and that sometimes the rights of some groups were overlooked when trying to preserve the rights of others. But her assertion that veterans who don't put up a picture of Trump should be locked up left me speechless. Other gems from this lovely woman were that first amendment rights should be limited when it comes to criticizing our president, numerous innuendo that blacks/Hispanics get everything for nothing. Then she positioned herself to look directly into my eyes and said hatefully, "Trump earned his money, but what did the Obamas do theirs?" At this point it was too much for me. I replied that they had Harvard law degrees and in actuality they could have made more in the private sector. She looked at me with disgust and declared that they didn't pay for their degrees, we did. My husband said I should have walked out in the middle of the procedure (and honestly, my hair wouldn't have looked worse than it does now). However, I was raised better than Maryanne. I maintained composure, paid the $48 (+20% tip) for the worse haircut of my life (both in style and experience, and I left with the conviction that I will NEVER patronize the store again.

I suspect that JC Penney management is not ignorant of this woman’s behavior, as during this ordeal, a man (while passing through) asked her how everything was going. She remarked to me that he was the store manage, and I imagine he had to have overheard at least one of her despicable remarks in is passing by.

In the past, we have purchased JCP stock. That is also a thing of the past.

Mar 19, 2017

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